How to build your own 70-meter house for 25,000 euros


If I told you that you can build your own house of about 70 square meters for the paltry amount of 25,000 euros , without banks, without mortgages, in today's world where everything is problems, the crisis can with everything and nobody will lend you even 20 euros, what would you think? I'm probably kidding you. But what comes to us from the United States is precisely that, how to build a 70-meter house for the same amount that we get a low-mid-range car . Stay tuned for these lines.

Building your own house, in these times, requires a lot of technical knowledge, a good financial injection and a lot, a lot of patience. Well, the  Open Building Institute (OBI) aims to change this perspective on housing . The idea is to develop a framework for the construction of new homes with a different code, as a way of providing an alternative to the model to act and fight against the problem of housing shortage and the difficulties of access to a decent home . The funding is intended to find through   Kickstarter, a company dedicated to financing this type of project through contributions from any type of person around the world. At the time of writing this article they have already raised about $ 68,000 and there are still two weeks left to meet the goal set by the OBI, about $ 80,000.

According to the Open Building Institute itself , the kit would include everything necessary in the construction of a house, such as obtaining water and electricity, not simply the structure . In addition, the plan would be suitable both in the case of wanting to make a complete house for the whole family and in those cases where something simple is enough to start, since as many modules as necessary can be added once built.


En términos de gasto, el proyecto pretende ofrecer viviendas de auténtico Low-Cost, pues se podrá acceder a inmuebles de unos 70 metros cuadrados por valor aproximado de 25.000 euros en material. Luego habrá niveles, ya que los materiales son de varias gamas, que varí­an el precio, para poder atender las necesidades de gente con presupuesto todaví­a más ajustado. Además, gente cercana al proyecto afirma que la unión de la construcción por módulos y la fórmula de rápida construcción permitirá tener la casa lista en ¡cinco dí­as!

Although the first objective of the project is for each individual to build their own house on their own, it is true that there are many people who are not interested in that, but in the final price. For this reason, learning workshops for builders may also be held, so that those who do not want to build their home can access the services of specialized personnel. We are without a doubt a project that would revolutionize the world of construction. Technology and progress advance by leaps and bounds .