Bose Companion 5, in-depth analysis

bose companion 5

They are not just small speakers, it is a 2.1 multichannel sound system , specially designed to complete laptops or desktops. Furthermore, given its ease of use and installation, the system can work with practically all computers on the market. The only essential requirement is that they have a USB port. The Bose Companion 5 is made up of two satellite-style speakers , with a landscape shape, a bass module and a remote control.. The satellite-type speakers are mounted at the end of two small bases, and offer a premium finish. The front is occupied by a slightly curved grille, which contributes to sound dispersion. They are oriented slightly upwards to direct sound directly towards the user's ears.

They are speakers that offer the best performance in the short distance of those who work with a desktop computer. The manufacturer recommends be placed at a distance of the length of the arm of the listener, and on both sides of the monitor, separated by no more than about 70 centimeters . This is the way to get an optimal stereo image.

bose companion 5

The subwoofer and remote control

Those from Bose have been working on technologies for many years to make loudspeakers small. They achieve a round sound, based on integrating them into systems that include a perfectly calibrated bass speaker. Among all the components, they perfectly cover the hearing spectrum. That is why the other great protagonist of the system is the Acoustimass subwoofer , which not only takes care of the reproduction of the lowest frequencies, but also incorporates the amplification circuitry . This subwoofer is quite compact, and can be placed under the table without deteriorating the acoustic quality.

There is still another element: the remote control . It is connected to the subwoofers using a cable, it is round and very small. It looks like one of those pucks that hockey players use, finished in black, and with a silver surface on top. It has the connections in the lower part of the side, and a control ring in the upper half. This ring is used to raise and lower the volume with a gentle turn. The upper face can be used to mute the volume, for example when it comes to answering a phone call.

Some have criticized that the Bose Companion 5 lacks a wireless remote control, but the truth is that this wired remote control is very usable, and the fact that it is connected to the subwoofer, makes it very easy to locate in a table full of papers. In addition, it has other advantages, such as that it is not necessary to spend money on batteries. It has a small led pilot at the top that indicates the status of the system. The light is amber when the sound is muted, green when active, and red when on standby.

bose companion 5

The connections

Before we mentioned that the remote control presents part of the connectivity on one side. There is the headphone output , which is very helpful. It is no longer necessary to plug the helmets into those not always accessible connectors on the front or the back of computer cases. It also has an auxiliary stereo audio input that allows you to become independent from the computer and listen to music when it is off. A mobile phone or portable audio player can be connected. Both the auxiliary audio input and the headphone output have a stereo minijack connector .

There is still more. At the rear of the subwoofer are the most important connections. For example, the specific one for the remote control or the outputs for the two small speakers. But the most important thing is the USB port . It's one of the biggest advantages of the Bose Companion 5 . It is not necessary to buy a good computer sound card to enjoy the best acoustic performance. The system itself acts as a sound cardand turns the stream of digital data into music thanks to its integrated amplifier. You just have to connect it via USB to any computer on the market. In fact, the sound is a thousand times higher than that obtained through the tiny sound card, almost always Realtek, which usually comes by default on the motherboards of laptops and desktops. Seen like this, the price of 400 euros is more than justified. And if someone is not convinced, they only have to stop by a store and listen to it to be totally surrendered.

bose companion 5

For computers, smartphones and MP3 players

It is a perfect system to listen to music from a computer , but also from a smartphone or an MP3 player , as long as they have audio output. Through the USB port they can also receive 5.1 digital sound. You can perform the necessary conversion to make surround sound sound convincing through the 2.1 setting. However, it is not intended to replace a home theater system. It is suitable for working with computers and mobile devices and for short distance listening.

Multimedia computer speakers are considered more as computer accessories or peripherals than as hi-fi parts. Almost everyone thinks that with such compact cabinets it is difficult, if not impossible, to obtain good sonic performance, balanced across the entire scale. But that does not happen in this case. The Bose Companion 5 brings high-fidelity sound to the realm of computing. Its price exceeds that of typical computer speakers. Instead they offer top-of-the-line electronics. Includes proprietary TrueSpace technology, which is responsible for processing the surround signal. Whether the user is enjoying a video game or watching a movie, the five sound channels are processed to sound on two speakers, while ensuring that the audio signal fully envelops the listener.

bose companion 5

Neat electronics

The circuitry incorporates an efficient compression system that makes music sound clear and without distortion even when the volume is pushed to the maximum. In fact, it is the equipment that is in charge of equalizing the sound so that it always sounds good, but the user does not lose control. On the rear of the subwoofer there is a rotary knob to boost or cut the bass response to suit individual customer tastes.

Every detail has been taken care of, including the magnetic shielding of the two small speakers , which can be placed without problems on both sides of the screen, with the assurance that they will not receive interference but neither cause it. The question then is, who will enjoy these Bose speakers the most ? The answer is easy: everyone. Players and those who usually watch movies on the computer will get the most out of it, as well as those who listen to compressed music or from radio stations or streaming services. In all these scenarios, the performance is the best imaginable.

Data sheet

Elements2 satellite speakers

Acoustimass module

Wired remote control


Auxiliary audio input

Headphone out




Magnetic shieldingYes
Signal to noise ratio20 - 20,000 Hz (estimated)
Dimensions and weightSatellites:

225 x 147 x 97 mm

900 gr

Acoustimass module:

217 x 173 x 501 mm

8.3 kg

Target price

400 euros
+ info