The most joking and original messages to congratulate Christmas on WhatsApp

The most joking and original messages to congratulate Christmas on WhatsApp

Image via Frepick.

Christmas, that time when we all congratulate each other on the holidays, where we wish all our WhatsApp contacts a happy new year and where many gifts await us (or not) under the tree. One of the greatest traditions is to congratulate this season through WhatsApp, and this year you can opt for the classic congratulations and images, to make your own, or to send a somewhat funnier and original message. At Tuexperto we wanted to collect the most joking and original messages to congratulate Christmas through WhatsApp.

We begin with funny phrases about the congratulations of these dates. How many times have you received the same greeting or the same postcard?

Merry Christmas [INSERT NAME HERE] I wish you the best for you and your [FRIENDS / FAMILY / PARTNER] and a prosperous new year [INSERT YEAR HERE]

Another option is the classic Christmas message.

Merry Christmas! (forwarded)

You can also choose phrases that refer to WhatsApp, one of the most used messaging applications. Surely you know a friend or relative who is hooked on this social network.

You can't talk to Santa Claus on WhatsApp. Put down your phone and enjoy Christmas!

Boikot to WhatsApp messages?

Boikot to Christmas messages on WhatsApp !! Pass it on!! (Oh and merry christmas)

Or even simulate a Christmas hoax (important to make it clear that it is a joke)

The mayor of Belén arrested for requalifying the portal. The Magi are involved. The child will be born in a chalet. Santa Claus introduces himself as a prosecutor. Merry Christmas!

Christmas memes

Warn your contacts that this iPhone is the wrong gift ...

Notice! The police are already aware. If Santa Claus gave you an iPhone, please send it back to me. It seems that he was in the wrong house.

Congratulate your trusted friends on Christmas with these messages

Merry Christmas? It won't be when you see that Santa has brought you.

And for that friend or relative who does not stop getting fines ...

Friends are like the radars of the Civil Guard, even if you don't see them they are always there ... Merry Christmas!

Sincerity above all:

In this new year you can change your car, your clothes, your shoes, your look, your home, your mobile ... But never your friends! Well, neither, you have no money.

Is Christmas a medicine? Not for what you think ...

Christmas is the best medicine to grow solidarity, peace and friendship. But it doesn't cure your hangover.

Christmas is about giving what money cannot buy, but ...


Christmas is about giving what money cannot buy. But don't forget the iPhone I ordered from Reyes.

Don't have money to give a nice gift?

This year it is difficult to wish 'Happy Christmas' ... We will be 'happy' again when there is no 'crisis-more' ... Merry Christmas!

Maybe you want to make the best possible gift, but of course… it would be strange to wrap yourself up and spend a night under the tree.

At this time I wanted to send you something funny ... incredible ... tender ... sexy ... sweet and very entertaining. But sorry, I did not enter the screen. Merry Christmas!