All the radios of the world on an interactive world map


Can you imagine having all the radios in the world at your fingertips at the click of a button? This is possible with Radio Garden, an interactive project developed by the Dutch Institute for Sound and Vision in cooperation with universities in the UK, Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands. As soon as you enter the web, you are completely hooked on it, you no longer want to leave. You can explore each radio live by countries and places in the world yourself from a globe , arranged so that you can rotate it as you wish, placing yourself in the place you prefer.

Each green dot on the map represents a radio station. If you look exploring a bit, there are areas where there is a greater concentration of points, which means that there are a greater number of stations. This is the case in England, some communities in Spain, the Netherlands or areas of the United States. In order not to get lost, you can zoom in with the mouse for each of the territories where you want to listen to a specific radio.

What is truly interesting about Radio Garden is that it is possible to get to know any radio station on the planet from the computer chair, in bed with a mobile or tablet, or when you have to go to work or study by bus or metro. In this way, you will be able to get closer to other cultures and enjoy their programs, finding new themes or sounds . This is very interesting in the case of India, Japan, Australia, that is, places very far from ours.


Using Radio Garden is as simple as opening the web and hitting play to enter the interactive map. Once inside, you just have to click on the green dot of your choice, either from your own country or from any other in the world. As we say, you can circle the globe so that it is more comfortable to navigate through the stations. You can zoom in or out on the map with the mouse. When you enter any of the stations, you will see on the right of the screen and on the left information about it, with the time of the country, place from where it is broadcast, name and frequency.

At the top of the screen there are three icons available that allow you to know the history of Radio Garden, share it on social networks or email or search for a specific radio station. Since Radio Garden is an interactive website and not an application, you don't have to download anything . You just have to open the web from any device by entering the address in the browser.