Samsung HW-K950, analysis of this 4K soundbar with Dolby Atmos

Samsung HW-K950

The sound of today's televisions is generally quite poor. Although manufacturers try not to penalize excessively in this section, the truth is that the space is what it is, so miracles cannot be done. For this reason, many users who have invested good money in a television do not hesitate to also purchase an external sound system . If we don't have enough space for a 5.1 system. or we are just looking for something more discreet, we may have opted for a sound bar . Today we want to talk about the new soundbar aimed at the high-end of Samsung . Although, in reality, we could say that the Samsung HW-K950 is a complete sound system , since, in addition to the sound bar,includes a subwoofer and two wireless rear speakers . But if this device stands out in something, in addition to its 500W of power , it is because it is one of the first sound bars to include Dolby Atmos . We are going to analyze in depth what the Samsung HW-K950 soundbar can offer us .

Samsung HW-K950

Before going into reviewing the technical characteristics of the Samsung soundbar , it is worth remembering what Dolby Atmos sound consists of . In a very summarized way we can say that Dolby Atmos is the latest innovation in terms of sound that has reached theaters and our homes. This system does not work with channels, but rather with objects . This means that film sound engineers can position the sound where they want , thus achieving true 3D sound . To be able to reproduce the Dolby Atmos sound we need a compatible AV receiver and place some speakers on the ceiling, although many systemsDolby Atmos instead incorporates extra upward-facing speakers that complement “normal” speakers . With the Samsung HW-K950 we will have everything in one set, being able to connect the Blu-Ray player directly to the sound bar.


The Samsung HW-K950 soundbar does not differ much in appearance from other bars on the market. It offers square lines and an elegant design that does not stand out especially, but does not clash either. The bar dimensions are 121 x 8.17 x 13.14 centimeters , with a weight of 6.7 kilograms . But, as we mentioned at the beginning, the soundbar does not come alone. And it is that it incorporates a subwoofer and wireless rear speakers . The subwoofer has dimensions of 20.39 x 39.9 x 41.43 centimeters and weighing 9.6 kg , while the rear speakers have dimensions of12.02 x 21.09 x 14.10 centimeters , with a weight of 2 kg each. As you can see, these are not too large speakers and being wireless we can place them practically anywhere. What we will need is to have a power outlet , since the rear speakers need power.

Samsung HW-K950

As you can see in the image, the soundbar controls are on the right side and are very discreet. On the front we find a small screen that will inform us of the status of the soundbar, the type of audio and the different configuration options.

Samsung HW-K950

More than surround sound

Now that we know what Dolby Atmos sound is , we can review how a soundbar manages to handle this type of audio. The Samsung HW-K950 is made up of a system of 15 speakers , each with its own amplifier, which achieves 5.1.4 channel surround sound . At the front of the bar we find 9 speakers , in addition to two more that are located in the upper part of the bar. Each of the rear satellites includes a main speaker that outputs from the front and an upfiring speaker located at the top, which will handle the Dolby Atmos sound .

Samsung HW-K950

The Samsung HW-K950 soundbar includes three wide-range twitters made by Samsung Audio Lab , as well as Surround Sound Expansion Plus technology , which will turn any sound into surround sound. The sound bar allows the “by-pass” of the 4K resolution video signal , thus becoming the perfect complement to our brand new UHD television. Additionally, this soundbar supports 96-192 kHz / 24-bit HD audio .

Samsung HW-K950

Wireless connectivity

The Samsung HW-K950 is part of the company's family of Multiroom devices , which means that from the Samsung Multiroom application we can access various music streaming systems, such as Spotify , and send the audio to the sound bar wirelessly . In addition, this Samsung bar also incorporates Bluetooth connectivity .

Samsung HW-K950

If we prefer to connect by cable we will have it somewhat more complicated, since we are talking about a system based on wireless connectivity. The bar incorporates two inputs and one HDMI output , compatible with ARC , as well as an optical digital audio input and an analog one .


The Samsung HW-K950 soundbar arrives ready to offer us the best Dolby Atmos sound without having to fill our room with speakers . The way to do this is to complement the soundbar with a subwoofer and wireless rear speakers. Both the bar and the rear satellites include speakers at the top for Dolby Atmos sound .

Samsung HW-K950

Although we cannot expect the same connectivity as that of an AV receiver, the Samsung HW-K950 soundbar offers us the basics to be able to connect a player and the TV. In addition, this sound bar also offers wireless connectivity , so we will have the option of playing music using streaming audio services or connecting the smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth.

In short, a complete sound system that is capable of offering us the best Dolby Atmos sound in the minimum space . The Samsung Hw-K950 is on sale with a price of 1,500 euros .

Samsung HW-K950



DimensionsSoundbar: 121 x 8.17 x 13.14 centimeters

Subwoofer: 20.39 x 39.9 x 41.43 centimeters

Rear speakers: 12.02 x 21.09 x 14.10 centimeters

WeightSoundbar: 6.7 kg

Subwoofer: 9.6 kg

Rear speakers: 2 kilograms each



Number of channels5.1.4
Speakers11 speakers in the soundbar

2 speakers on each satellite

8 ″ subwoofer

Supported audiosDolby Atmos

Dolby True HD

Dolby Digital Plus


Dolby Digital

Supported formatsAAC











HDMI2 inputs and 1 output
USBYes, but only to update
Optical soundYes, an entrance
Analog soundYes, an entrance

Anynet + (HDMI-CEC)

Bluetooth Power On

Auto Power Link

+ info

Release dateAvailable
Manufacturer's websiteSamsung

Price: 1,500 euros