The horniest Valentine's greetings to laugh at Cupid

Valentine 2017 Greeting

It's here. It is February 14 again and several possibilities open up. You have a partner and you hate it, you have a partner and you adore this day, you have no partner and it is one more day on the calendar. Although logically, there can always be variations and that even being alone or alone you will love Valentine's Day.

Whatever your romantic relationship, the fact of having WhatsApp means that we will receive several memes for Valentine's Day, montages, GIFs and everything. So we must prepare to respond properly, with which we are going to offer you the funniest Valentine's greetings to annoy the one with the arrows a bit.

Of course, if you have a partner and you have not yet bought a gift, you can try to solve it by choosing one of these 5 gadgets to give as a gift today. Although you can also do it in another way, without spending money but being a little more original.

In addition to sending your greeting for Valentine's Day , you can accompany it with a small text to add something more to the image. We already know that an image is worth a thousand words, but adding a text to it says much more than simply pressing the send button.

We have chosen several congratulations Valentine who would bet a laugh to himself Cupid. And if not, come down and tell us. Choose one of these and send it to your partner, or a group of friends. Success is guaranteed.

Bad day to go to the movies

Valentine 2017 Greeting

You still want to rethink the plans you have for this February 14. It is not one of the best days to go to the cinema to see a movie, since you can find yourself surrounded by couples who are only looking for a little privacy and above all, darkness. But you can always have a laugh and send the image to one of your WhatsApp groups, maybe someone will take pity and accompany you.

The dogs always triumph

Valentine 2017 Greeting

As such, sending a dog or a kitten is a sure success. With which, this image will triumph and will make you get several "awww" or "aaaaay how cute". Seriously, give it a try.

Cheesy, but it works

Valentine 2017 Greeting

Yes, it's as cheesy as you want. But it works, 100% assured.

Tell him with Trump

Valentine 2017 Greeting

Thanks to this website, the man of the moment can congratulate whoever you want on Valentine's Day. Donald Trump, at your service, but only on February 14.

Congratulations for gamers

Valentine 2017 Greeting

I personally loved this one. If your partner is a gamer, I would swear eternal fidelity. In addition, the couple of Mario and the Princess is undoubtedly one of the best that have existed in the world of video games.

Dislocated love

Valentine 2017 Greeting

If you want to continue betting on humor, without a doubt this is your Valentine's greeting. It's funny, and it has a pretty funny point. So don't be shy, send it.

Extra ball for singles

Valentine 2017 Greeting

It's okay to be alone on Valentine's Day, let them tell Han.