The sale of CAM adapters to watch GolTV for paid DTT increases by 10%


They don't want to be without football . For this reason, a few days after the start of the Spanish Professional Football League , a 10% increase in the sale of CAM adapters was detected during the first week of September . Just seven days after they were put on sale , to pay for the use of the cards that allow you to watch the recently launched soccer channel Gol TV, through paid DTT .


And it is that nothing else came the approval of the government , the inconveniences came to light. Citizens who want to see paid DTT should throw out their old DTT decoder , unless it has the famous slot for subscriber cards or has a TV with a PCMCIA slot . Those who were not in either of these two groups had to go to the stores for a CAM adapter during the first week of September . Fact that has motivated an increase in purchases, by those who did not want to miss the first soccer days .

In any case, when the customer goes to the store, they will be able to find several promotional packs that will include a card (for the corresponding pay channel, when there are others besides Gol TV) and a CAM adapter for the decoder . They will also find a subscriber card and a digital receiver compatible with paid DTT .

The GfK Retail and Technology audit has predicted a galloping growth in the purchase of this type of devices , although it is advisable not to rush. And more knowing how the government spends them on DTT .

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