How to transfer music to iPad

iPad mini

We may be users of the iPad for a long time, although we have never configured its options to the point of building our own music playlists in the memory of the tablet . You may also end up getting our hands on one of the models of the tablet from Apple and we have not yet resolved this step.

In both cases, we may be surprised to see that, when we plug the device into the computer to play music, the process is not as simple as with other units, which are based on the simple and direct copy and paste, or by dragging the files as if it were an external drive.

That's because Apple , as in the case of iPods and iPhones , requires a bridge application to accomplish the task. We refer to iTunes , a computer program that can be an important ally when it comes to maintaining order in our music and video playlists, although not a few have expressed their rejection of this application.

As if it were a nightclub doorman, iTunes is the gorilla that Apple places between our multimedia files and the apple device that we have, so that only what this program authorizes can pass to the terminal, doing so under the conditions that voice Cupertino company .


In the case of wanting to put the music that we have on the computer in our iPad memory , first we will have to create a playlist in iTunes . Once the local media palette is open in this application, in the lower left corner we will clearly see a button with the "plus" sign that if we press it will generate a space in the column above it with access to the list in question, which we could title as we wanted.

Inside it, we could drag, now, the music files that we have on the computer, so that the list would be configured. By clicking on all the tracks from iTunes and clicking with the right button we access a contextual menu which does not allow access to Obtain information , where we can consult the data with which the songs have been tagged. If we edit this information, we can enrich everything that will appear when we consult the disks stored on the iPad .

The process of creating playlists could be done in a greater or lesser order and completeness until we have all the albums that interest us. After that, we connected the iPad to the computer using the cable provided in the box where the tablet came when we bought it. ITunes itself will identify the terminal and inform us of how much memory we have available to load data, as well as other information related to the iPad . We will see a series of tabs with the different content that we can integrate into the tablet . Let's go directly to the one that says Music .

There, the playlists that we have previously created will appear. Now it is enough to select the ones that we want to be transferred to the iPad . Once chosen, we will click on the synchronization button in the lower margin of the application view . Depending on the number of tracks included in the chosen lists, the process will take more or less time, although in any case, it will not be more than a few minutes.

Once finished, we will disconnect the iPad from the computer , and click on the access to the music library on the tablet , where we will have at our disposal the selected discs ordered according to various criteria "" playlists, genres, artists, albums, songs " ”Depending on the completeness of the information with which the transferred tracks have been tagged.