10 useful keyboard shortcuts for Google Chrome

10 useful keyboard shortcuts for Google Chrome

Google Chrome is one of the most used browsers in the world. Its ease of use added to its interface, clean and comfortable, make it the favorite of many users. One of its great advantages, in addition to the add-ons, is that you can use keyboard shortcuts. These small pieces of code allow us to quickly access multiple functions. In this way, the experience of using the browser is much easier. If you want to know some of the most useful do not stop reading.

10 keyboard shortcuts for Chrome

1. ctrl + N

This is one of the most useful shortcuts for Google Chrome. You can quickly open a new window without having to go to the browser icon. Once inside you know that you can open more windows. To do this, you just have to click on the square icon that is right next to the window, at the top.

2. ctrl + shift + T

Do you need to open the last tab you closed? You can do it by activating this keyboard shortcut in Google Chrome. Of course, keep in mind that it only allows you to open the last ten that you have closed since you started the browser. Surely in the end you find the one you need, if not you already know that you will have to resort to the history.

3. ctrl + D

If you need to save the page you are currently using, then use this keyboard shortcut. To find it later, you just have to enter the favorites section and look for it.

4. ctrl + shift + D

If your intention is to save all the pages that you have open in the browser in a folder, then you only have to press ctrl + shift + D. The folder will be anchored to the favorites section.

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5. ctrl + or ctrl -

To increase the size of the page you are visiting, press ctrl + on your keyboard . If you want to reduce it, then use ctrl -. Keep in mind that you will need to be inside the page in question at the time of doing it. You can then return to the original size with the keyboard shortcut ctrl 0.

6. ctrl + W

Google Chrome keyboard shortcuts will allow you to increase your productivity. As we say, they give you the possibility of executing different actions in the browser comfortably and quickly. Another of the most useful keyboard shortcuts for Chrome is ctrl + W. With it, you will be able to close the tab you are using at the moment. You won't even have to waste time to hit the "X".

7. ctrl + P

With this keyboard shortcut you can easily print a page without even having to leave the browser. When you need to get the information from a specific website , you just have to press this combination on your keyboard and, as if by magic, your printer will start automatically. Useful, right?

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8. Ctrl + J

Do you have to quickly look at a download you have made? Press Ctrl and J on your keyboard and the downloads folder will appear without giving you time or blinking. Keep in mind that if you press the same keyboard shortcut with the letter H it will take you to the search history. If, on the contrary, you press Ctrl + B it will show you the bookmarks bar.

9. Shift + Esc

Google Chome also has its own task manager very similar to Windows. If your intention is to have a keyboard shortcut at hand that allows you to access it quickly when you need it, we give you the good news that it exists. You just have to press Shift + Esc and it will appear on your PC.

10. Ctrl + Shift + G or Shift + F3

Finally, a somewhat longer keyboard shortcut, but one that you can also take advantage of is Ctrl + Shift + G or Shift + F3. You will be able to search for the previous result of the query entered in the search box on the page.

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