Canon IXUS 185, compact camera with 8x optical zoom

canon IXUS 185

Canon has taken advantage of the CES to announce new models of compact cameras, among which is the IXUS 185, a team with 20 megapixels and 8x retractable optical zoom. The new compact from Canon is especially suitable for those users who do not want to buy a high-end mobile and who still prefer to use the classic. An interesting novelty in this camera is the new Date Button , which allows you to add a mark with the date and time to the images. Likewise, the IXUS 185 has different modes and settings, as we will see below, and allows captures to be shared directly on social networks thanks to the WiFi connectionbuilt-in. The Canon IXUS 185 will be available in mid-February at a price of 120 euros.

Compact cameras are still highly acclaimed, especially by those users who do not want to have a good mobile that stands out in the photographic section. Precisely for this sector of the population, Canon has just announced at CES in Las Vegas the new compact IXUS 185 , a lightweight and ergonomic model with a quality of 20 megapixels, capable of recording videos in HD quality . The IXUS 185's 8x optical zoom retracts into the body, while the ZoomPlusdigital doubles the zoom range. We are, therefore, before a camera with which we can capture those distant places with greater clarity and immortalize them forever without too many problems.

Canon IXUS 185 compact

New functions that improve our captures

In the new Canon IXUS 185 we are going to find new and interesting functions, which will make capturing images easy and fun. We have a new Easy Auto mode , in which it is the camera itself that selects for you the best mode applicable to the scene you want to portray. To do this, it calibrates values ​​such as lighting or those objects that appear in the scene. The user will only have to leave all the work to the team , which in turn will block the rest of the options and the physical keypad so that the camera is not pressed or unconfigured inadvertently.

The Auto Zoom mode of the Canon IXUS 185 chooses for you the best framing according to a photo or a video, always giving you the best option for each given scene, according to the objects and people that appear in it. Another of these remarkable functions is the Canon image stabilizer. It is a powerful setting that will make your captures sharp, avoiding the annoying out of focus that spoils all our photos. In total we will find 8 scene modes, which can be configured so that the image is in focus, whatever the movement of the object that we are going to photograph.

Finally, we cannot forget to highlight the new date button, a new function that will mark all the photos you take with the time and day they were taken. In addition, you can share the images directly to your social networks through the WiFi connection .

Canon IXUS 185 compact camera

Main features

  • 20x digital zoom
  • 8x retractable optical zoom
  • WiFi connectivity
  • 720p HD Videos
  • New settings and modes, like the date button

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