Fake news and joke maker on the internet

Fake news and joke maker on the internet

The Internet has become a breeding ground for news of all kinds. Nothing is surprising anymore. Thanks to the network of networks and social platforms, we can learn curious anecdotes or really extravagant information. This allows you to play pranks on your friends without them noticing. And, did you know that you can become a fake copywriter or journalist for a while and, best of all, inventing your own fake news to play a joke on someone ? To do this, you only have to access news-frescas.com, a website that will allow you to exploit your creativity as far as you want.

Creating your fake news for jokes is really easy. The idea is to think of something clever and fun and then make your message known on social media. Of course, the fresh-news website is clear and warns that the authors of publications that apologize for acts of terrorism or that could alter public order are exposed to legal problems. As soon as you enter this Internet page you will see a series of options to start making your fake news for jokes . You can choose a headline, a description, an image and then select a category.

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Create your fake news

To create your fake news for jokes, the first thing you have to do is choose an original and funny title. Think that it is essential that it is attractive, since it will be the hook for your friends to bite and read. The website itself offers you different suggestions. As stated, fake news about artists, television, and football makes curious people more interested in reading. Once you have chosen your title, you will have to enter a description. In this section you should work very well on the text so that your friends continue to believe that it is real news. Try to give it a touch of humor, but without losing professionalism.

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Choose your image to give more credibility

Once you have your description and an attractive headline, then you can choose an image according to the topic you are dealing with. You can choose one from the Google image bank or upload one yourself that you already have saved on your computer. The website itself recommends in the suggestions section that you choose one that is free to use. Also remember that any racist, homophobic or pornographic joke is prohibited. And urges to report any inappropriate content through the contact form.

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Finally, select a category. You can have between eight different : Technology, health, politics, economy, international, trends, sports, celebrities or soap operas.

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Create your joke

Once you have created your fake news to play the joke, you just have to click on the "create your joke" box. You can share it on Facebook or Twitter.

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In the case of posting on Facebook, your friends and family will see the joke news on their walls. If you have worked the joke well, surely most end up biting. It is possible that they will realize once they enter the news and verify that it is a website to create false news for jokes. In any case, the first impact is guaranteed.

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On the website itself you will find some of the fake news for funniest jokes created by other users. Among the most popular we find the following.

  • Unicorns live
  • WHO declares that certain singer's music causes ear cancer
  • The secrets of this protagonist to reach 187 years!

What are you waiting for for yours to go to the most popular?