Garmin dezl 570LMT and 770LMT, two GPS for truck professionals

garmin 550mlt and 770lmt

Despite the proposals in the form of applicationsto guide users while driving using their smartphone , there is still scope for GPSto use. And it is that road professionals need more than a voice that tells them which way out to take, something that the Garmin company knows well. For this reason, it has launched two new models for truck drivers of any type , providing maps, traffic information, points of interest, routes and functions that help ensure safety and comfort at the wheel.

These are the Garmin dezl 570LMT and the Garmin dezl 770LMT . Two GPS that are distinguished by having a screen of 5 and 7 inches respectively, in addition to finding some extra function in the 770LMT version for the most demanding drivers. These are navigation tools with maps updated for life and that focus exclusively on trucks . Thus, they allow to establish measurements such as height, length, trailer, type of content and weight of the vehicle to be guided. A very important point for the functions it offers.

And it is that, with this, these GPS allow to display on screen all kinds of routes taking into account the data provided by the user. Something that translates into warning signs for very sharp curves, steep slopes or types of special roads that allow or prohibit some type of large tonnage vehicle or with dangerous products , for example. But there is more. These GPS feature updated with all kinds of attractions information: areas break trucks, restaurants, ATMs, hotels, petrol stations, etc . Questions that are updated thanks to searches based on the Foursquare application, in addition to being shown on the route on the screen to be aware of it every time you approach one.

garmin 550lmt and 770lmt

In addition, these GPS have Bluetooth connectivity , speaker and microphone . Something that transforms them into the perfect hands-free to be able to answer calls at the wheel without having to perform any complicated task that removes concentration from the road. In the same way, it has voice actions to manage different aspects of the route without having to let go of the wheel.

Nor should we forget that, in addition to the specific navigation for the type of vehicle introduced, these devices have the option to plan routes easily. Thus, in addition to adding a destination, it is possible to easily add points through which you want to pass , with all the vehicle data and its characteristics always present to identify the best routes, also indicating the lane in which the driver should position himself. Along with this, it also has a history that allows a record of all the mileage, routes taken, materials transported or vehicles previously driven .

Finally, although they have other extra functions, it is also possible to connect with Android and iPhone mobiles to synchronize data and offer up-to-the-minute information on traffic, traffic jams, weather information or map changes . Simply download the Smartphone Link application . Maps that are also free and do not require any type of subscription, just a MyGarmin account . This makes it possible to enjoy bird's-eye views at intersections or realistic views at junctions .

Issues that are completed with many other functionalities such as connecting a camera to see what is happening in the rear, speed alerts , estimated time of arrival , border crossing warnings , updating the time zone , etc.

The Garmin dezl 550LMT GPS is available for a price of 380 euros with all the maps of Europe preloaded inside and with an autonomy of two hours of use. For its part, the Garmin dezl 770LMT is priced at 470 euros also with all European maps, with one hour of autonomy and several more extra services .