The best Amazon Prime Video series and movies

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Finally, the third platform for series and movies that we needed to complete the cake reached the Spanish market: First it was Netflix, very recently HBO Spain and, now, Amazon Prime Video . Next, we are going to tell you what you cannot miss on Amazon Prime Video : suggestions, commercial successes, rarities ... Everything so that you do not miss that series that everyone talks about or, on the contrary, nobody seems to know. We begin.


Amazon also produces, like Netflix and HBO, its own series. In fact, some of them have already received critical acclaim, being awarded numerous prizes.


A beautiful and risky series, because of the plot it deals with and how it treats it. A professor of literature discovers, being already mature, that, in reality, he is a woman . He decides to take the plunge with all the consequences, telling his family, two daughters and a son, each with his miseries and joys and, of course, his wife. How they deal with the situation and how trans issues are perceived , seen from a naturalistic point of view, without artifice, plunging into the pathetic and the joyful, without sensationalism or reveling in rugged scenes. The protagonist, Jeffrey Tambor, make a role of those that any actor would kill. A perfect series for all those addicted to stories that are real or could be. A series to laugh and cry, winner of two Golden Globes in 2015 for best comedy series (don't trust it) and best actor for Jeffrey Tambor. The third season was released nothing ago and its episodes of 30 more minutes to be seen, are devoured. You already have a marathon for the weekend.

Mozart in the Jungle

Musicians can also throw it at a party, but instead of listening to David Guetta they put on Beethoven's Fifth Symphony . Based on the autobiographical book of the oboist Blair TindallMozart in the Jungle: Sex, Drugs, and Classical Music,  this is an agile, frantic, coral and highly addictive series, thanks mainly to a Gael García Bernal immeasurable and protagonist, Lola Kirke, who eats the screen with his gaze. If you thought that a series that dealt with the pluses and minuses of the New York Philharmonic Company had to be, by force, boring, it is because you have not seen this one. Infidelities, betrayals, heroic acts, bizarre situations that border on the absurd ... all this to make up one of the funniest series I have ever seen on classical music. Although, of course, now that I fall, I don't think I've seen so many either.

The Man in the Castle

What would become of us if Hitler had won the war? Just thinking about it gives us goose bumps. That is what The Man in the Castle proposes , an adaptation of the homonymous novel by Philip K. Dick published in 1962. In this terrible scenario, the United States has been divided into three parts: the East belongs to Germany, the West to Japan and the entire central part is made up of autonomous states. A fascinating and absorbing series, which refers to the classic spy movies and has won the favor of specialized critics. The best, they say, the paranoid world created by the series. To enjoy it in company while we look askance at the window, in case something were about to happen.

The Grand Tour

One of the most ambitious bets on television in recent times and the most downloaded show in history by Internet users. After the BBC's departure from the Top Gear program , Amazon could have given a millionaire figure to the trio of  Richard Hammond, Jeremy Clarkson and James May to continue delighting viewers with their adventures and misadventures, with cars as protagonists. One of the most successful British programs in history now for all Amazon Prime Video users in Spain .


What else can be added to all that has already been said about one of the best comedies in the history of television? Without Jerry Seinfeld, comedy wouldn't be the same. Without his way of seeing life, we would all be very boring. I don't bother you anymore, I'm just telling you that if you've never seen Seinfeld now you have the best excuse. Come on, the first one is free. Here we leave you with a couple of minutes of one of his best episodes, The contest.


The movie catalog is not as extensive as Netflix's, resembling more that we can have on HBO. Still, we can find a few titles for this weekend that will surely be to your liking.

Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol

Although the fifth installment of the series was long overdue, the fourth Mission Impossible film hit the box office by displaying tremendous muscle in the action scenes, orchestrated by director Brad Bird, director of animated films such as Ratatouille and The Incredibles . On this occasion, agent Ethan Hunt is forced to clear the name of his organization, after being implicated in an attack on the Kremlin. To see a rainy day and be a special agent under the blanket and stove.

The Price of Power (Scarface)

How about a classic gangster story passed through the filter of the exuberant Brian DePalma ? Scarface was a landmark of 80s cinema, hyperviolent and bloodthirsty. With Al Pacino as the protagonist, it tells the rise and fall of the king of cocaine Tony Montana , a Cuban immigrant with very few scruples and a lot of cold blood. The film is co-starred by a wonderful Michelle Pfeiffer and Robert Loggia , among others. To spend an afternoon among the mob under the heat of the home. What better plan than that? Surely after the Narcos marathon you were left wanting more.

Hidden in Bruges (In Bruges)

We continue with the gangsters, a not too Christmas theme but that will never go out of style. On this occasion we find a very particular comedy starring Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson , two salary killers who are "invited" by their boss to go to the city of Bruges for a while , since the waters are a little revolts. There they will be condemned to understand each other.

My best friend's wedding (Bridesmaids)

A revelation in the new American comedy, directed by Paul Feig , creator of the controversial sequel-remake of Ghostbusters . Political incorrectness, eschatology and dialogues sharp as knives in a film where the shame of others takes on an unusual role. To let out a huge laugh.


One of the last films of the master Scorsese is this hymn to the cinema for the whole family, with an absolutely fascinating production design and in which the pioneer Georges Mélií¨s plays a relevant role. With overflowing imagination, a perfect proposal for Christmas. Do not miss it.

These are some of the best series and movies that you can see on Amazon Prime Video , the new platform that integrates series and movies and that comes to make direct competition to the all-powerful Netflix and HBO. Although it is true that its catalog is still scarce, its rate ( € 20 per year including shipping costs in store purchases ) makes it an option to take into account. What are you waiting for to try your free month?