How to merge two Word documents into one

How to merge two Word documents into one

Surely more than once, you have had the need to merge the content of several Word documents into one. This is a situation that occurs quite frequently, when we intend to collect the content of several works, or we want to unite the different parts that the different members of a team have created. We explain how you can join several Word documents into one , in a very simple and practical way.

You can always resort to selecting all the text from the different Word documents, to later paste it into a single file. It is a method that works, however it can be quite cumbersome, if you have the need to join many different documents.

In addition, it is a process in which many errors can appear, especially if it is about joining files that have been created with different versions of Word, and that have different file extensions.

Learn how to easily join Word files

Keep reading this article if you want to learn how you can merge several Word documents into one, without having to select and copy the text that is in each of them.

The first step we need to do, to merge several Word documents into one, is to open a Word file that is completely blank.

Once we have the new document open, we go to the " Insert " tab that we find at the top of the word processor interface. Next we select the option to insert " Objects ". We leave you with an image in which we point out exactly the places where you have to click.

How to merge two Word documents into one 1

A new window will open with which we can select the elements to insert into our blank Word document. What you have to do is select each of the documents that you want to merge . You can select all the files at the same time, holding down the "Control" key while clicking on them with the mouse.

How to merge two Word documents into one 2

When you do this, you will see that all the text that these documents contained appears in this Word file that you had opened, and that it was completely blank.

All you have to do now is save the newly created document .

It's that simple to insert various documents into a single Word file, without having to manually copy all its content, we hope you find it very useful.