This is the new Mercadona website for shopping online

This is the new Mercadona website for shopping online

We have often told you about the advantages and disadvantages of buying at Mercadona over the Internet . And although the supermarket is one of those that can offer better prices to its customers, it is also one of those that has the most outdated online store. Until now. Because Mercadona has got down to work with the renovation. Because the truth is that she played.

Mercadona's online store opens today . And for now, the new online shopping system will only work in Valencia. Although only in some areas of the city. To serve all customers, Mercadona has opened a center in the Vara de Quart industrial estate in Valencia, exclusively for online sales.

At the same time, Mercadona has presented a mobile application , available for both iOS and Android. The tool is very well designed, so doing the daily shopping will be much more comfortable. In addition, they improve delivery conditions and schedules, to ensure that the online shopping system adapts a little more to the busy lives of customers.

What is Mercadona's new online purchase like?

This is the new Mercadona website

For the moment, the postal codes that may be eligible for the new Mercadona online purchase are the following: 46001, 46002, 46003, 46004, 46005, 46006, 46007, 46008, 46010, 46013, 46014, 46017, 46018 and 46026. The All other zip codes will have to wait a little longer, because this system is actually a pilot test .

Mercadona offers an extended delivery schedule from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. from Monday to Saturday , with sections of just one hour, so that you can adjust deliveries a little more. The supermarket will have its own employees to prepare purchases and a transport fleet with three temperatures, to be able to deliver fresh products during the day.

Users who need personalized attention will be able to connect through the chat with attention from 7:00 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. from Monday to Saturday . Also with the free Mercadona Customer Service telephone number 900 500 103.

The new website is clean, clear and with photos of all the products. This is undoubtedly one of the most important differences with the previous store, in which it was certainly difficult to choose products (and it will continue to be until Mercadona exports this new online purchase to the rest of the postal codes in Spain).


By clicking on each of these products, users will be able to see different images, a list of all the ingredients and information about the price, the cost per liter, kilo or box. This considerably changes the shopping experience, which until now was very heavy and could lead to errors when selecting sizes, quantities and specialties. 

mercadona application

The new Mercadona application

The new Mercadona application is simple and well developed . The products are seen in a very clear way and that is a differential point, compared to the online store that you can access from the web.

At this point you should be clear, however, that the only ones who will be able to buy right now through the application will be users who reside in Valencia and request delivery in one of the aforementioned postal codes. The others will have to wait.

As soon as you access the tool, what users will see will be the main news of the moment. Another option, to get straight to the point, is to access the Categories section. From here we will have the option to dive through all the products that are sold in the supermarket and do it in an absolutely graphic way, with large and quality images, as well as with all the information about the ingredients of the product and its price.

mercadona app

To make the purchase and add each of the products to the bag , you only have to click on the Add button. Once finished, 7.21 euros will have to be added as shipping and preparation costs. Of course, to be eligible for home delivery you have to spend a minimum of 50 euros. Which is undoubtedly ideal for the weekly shopping.

In addition, the products that you usually buy will appear in the My usual section , so that in your next purchases you will be able to add them to the basket in a fast and agile way.