Sony SRS-X77, a wireless speaker with WiFi and Bluetooth

Sony SRS-X77

The Sony SRS-X77 is one of Sony's new proposals to fill the home with music. A wireless speaker with a compact format that offers good audio quality, with power of 40 W . The 69-millimeter subwoofer delivers deeper bass for a richer sound experience. In addition, this model incorporates WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity , designed to facilitate the creation of an audio system through the rooms of the house. And all this with a classic and elegant design in black that goes very well with any room. The Sony SRS-X77 can be found on the market for a price of330 euros. We tell you all the details of this speaker.

Despite its portable form factor , the Sony SRS-X77 packs top- of-the-line features to liven up parties and gatherings. This integrated equipment one output power of 40 W, which is divided into two speakers with full range of 46 millimeters and subwoofer 69 mm. This ensures good bass reproduction, a key point in creating a richer and more complete audio experience. In addition, these bass are boosted with the use of a woofer and two passive radiators that allow greater air passage.

Sony SRS-X77

Sony has also included several proprietary technologies to improve audio quality. Thus, for example, we have an S-Master digital amplifier that offers greater power than other conventional amplifiers and also reduces audio distortion caused by heat build-up. On the other hand, technology Technology Digital Sound Enhancement Engine (DSEE) restores the pieces of music that have been compressed to recover the audio quality of the items that are lost during the compression process. All with technology Clear Audio + found in many Sony equipment.

This speaker is intended to be used primarily wirelessly. For this, it has three very useful technologies. This includes Bluetooth technology with  LDAC that triples the amount of data that can be transmitted, thus improving audio quality. With Wi-Fi connectivity , the transmission range is extended and it is easier to create a multiroom audio system that includes several Sony speakers throughout the house. In addition, we also have NFC technology . This technology, which is already present in many smartphones and tablets on the market, makes it easy to synchronize devices by simply bringing the mobile device close to the logo and making a touch gesture.

Another very useful connection is an analog input to take advantage of our old music devices . In addition, with its integrated USB port you can charge a smartphone or tablet to recharge it, whether the speaker is connected to the network or if we pull its battery.

The Sony SRS-X77 uses an elegant and classic design in black, measuring 30 x 13.2 x 6 centimeters, along with a weight of 1.9 kilos. It's not the thinnest speaker on the market, but it's still light enough that we can easily transport it anywhere at a party or a country getaway. In fact, it should be noted that its battery offers us up to 10 hours of audio playback without charging. The Sony SRS-X77 can be found for a price of 330 euros .