Denon DRA-100, stereo receiver with network connection

Denon DRA-100

Not long ago we reported from Tuexperto on the amplifier PMA-50 from Denon , a small but capable stereo amp that could also function as an audio interface USB to your computer. Well, it seems that Denon has expanded the family of compact equipment with the new DRA-100 . On this occasion, the Japanese company offers us a compact stereo receiver equipped with a network connection to be able to access it from smartphones , tablets or computers. The new DRA-100 features a design clearly inspired by that of the PMA-50, with a front finished in black color in combination with silver frames and top panel. It is an elegant and modern finish at the same time, which is enhanced by the central OLED screen and the buttons located to the left of the panel that will help us navigate through the menus of the equipment in the same way as with the remote control included . It is a compact device, with exact dimensions of 280 millimeters wide by 104 high and 337 deep , and thanks to its design we can install it on top of any piece of furniture or surface without excessively clashing.

Denon DRA-100

Turning now to its technical characteristics, Denon has equipped its DRA-100 with a class D amplifier , more compact and efficient than those of traditional hi-fi components, which is capable of delivering a power of 70 watts at 4 ohms . The processor Advanced AL32 of Denon allows the DRA-100 playing digital files 16, 20 and 24 bits, ideal for both digital audio players as for high resolution quality starting to offer some services in streaming as Deezer Premium . The headphone output has a practicalthree-position impedance selector (low, medium and high), an option that is sure to be appreciated by users of high-end headphones, who often need special amplification to obtain a high listening volume.

Continuing with connectivity, the DRA-100 has access to the network through an Ethernet connection , but also through the wireless WiFi and Bluetooth ports , so we can enjoy our collection of songs without connecting any cables. It's even possible to pair the amp with a Bluetooth player by simply tapping the integrated NFC point . We can also play music from a PC or a network hard drive thanks to the compatibility with the DLNA 1.5 standard , and Spotify fans can control the application through the Spotify Connect system., while users of Apple equipment will be able to make use of the compatibility with the AirPlay system . Apart from the network connections, the DRA-100 has two digital audio inputs on fiber optic and one on coaxial, plus two analog inputs on RCA . As for the outputs, in addition to the terminals for the speakers we will find a connection for a subwoofer, plus a stereo analog audio output in RCA . Connectivity is completed with a USB input  and the aforementioned 6.3 mm jack headphone output , both located on the front panel.

The new Denon DRA-100 is now available at the firm's main dealers, and its recommended retail price is 1,000 euros .