10 keys to Aliexpress Plaza, the Chinese online store with shipping from Spain

10 keys to Aliexpress Plaza, the Chinese online store with shipping from Spain

Aliexpress is the place where your friend buys and everything is really cheap. You haven't dared to buy anything there yet, you don't trust that purchases come from so far away. You prefer something local or national, dealing with people with whom you can communicate in your language. That's why, in the end, you looked at Amazon or other stores, whose treatment, at least, was in Spanish. What if we told you that there is a Spanish Aliexpress? And it's called Aliexpress Plaza. With affordable prices but with shipments from Spain.

Therefore, we are going to reveal the 10 keys of Aliexpress Plaza . All the reasons it's worth checking out and shopping at this Spanish branch of the Asian emporium. We begin.

Prices as on Aliexpress

If your great motivation to buy on Aliexpress was the economic issue, but it held you back from buying in China, we have great news for you. Aliexpress Plaza is like Aliexpress, but in Spain. You will find a multitude of Chinese products at a great price and without having to ask thousands and thousands of kilometers . You simply enter their website, browse through the different categories, select and buy. Aliexpress collects a large number of Chinese product stores with warehouses in Spain and the prices are very affordable.

Buy Chinese products ... in Spain

No more ordering an item from Hong Kong or Shanghai. All the items you buy at Aliexpress Plaza are shipped from Spain. This means, of course, that delivery times are reduced, as well as saving unforeseen expenses in customs. Delivery times for products in Aliexpress Plaza vary from 48 hours to 5 business days . As you have seen, it is far from the month or two that Chinese Aliexpress products take. Perhaps it is one of the most important points to decide to buy at Aliexpress Plaza.

mobile aliexpress plaza

1 year warranty on mobile phones

One of the star products of Aliexpress was the Chinese terminals. But, let's face it, it was a nuisance to have to order a terminal so far away, so that later it would take forever, they would overcharge us at customs ... And then have to make use of the guarantee. Dealing with an Asian agent in English is not a dish of good taste, especially when your phone has broken. That is why the devices purchased at Aliexpress Plaza all have a one-year warranty. It is not two, since they are not governed by national laws.

And a negative point to add on the issue of guarantees: if you have to make use of it, you will have to deal with an insurance company. In this regard, Aliexpress Plaza declines responsibility.

Local returns

Forget having to return a Chinese product to China. The products you buy at Aliexpress Plaza will be returned to the country where you bought them, that is, Spain. Forget those long periods of time, when returning a product to China could be a grueling journey. Here, we buy in warehouses in Spain and return in the national territory .

Returns deadlines

If you don't want a product from Aliexpress Plaza, you can return it. For this, you have 15 days. Request a refund, send the order and you will receive the money within days in the account from which you made the payment. Of course, any product that you want to return must not be used , so it will keep its original packaging. We recommend that if you are going to open the package, do not force it or open it quickly. Take your time because, if you want to return it, you can return the box to its natural state. To request a refund, you will need to open a dispute. In the next point you can read everything related to disputes on Aliexpress.returns aliexpress plaza

Jewelry products, as well as lingerie, do not have a return option. So think about it very well if you are going to buy any of these items. The return costs are at our expense,  although they will be cheaper than sending them to China. Still, you have to bear in mind that the return policy is quite strict.

The dispute system at Aliexpress Plaza

The dispute system in Aliexpress Plaza works the same as in its parent store. If you have a problem with the product you have purchased, Aliexpress will mediate between you and the store that is the subject of the complaint. When you open a dispute to the store, it has the obligation to answer you in 15 days. If not, you can raise the claim to Aliexpress, acting in that case without taking the seller into account. Aliexpress will contact you within a maximum period of 3 business days.

Assistance in Spanish

Another key point to buy at Aliexpress Plaza. Any questions you have about your purchase can be made to the assistance of Aliexpress Plaza in Spanish. Simply, to contact the seller, you have to click on the name of the store and look for the chat option. At that time, you will be served in Spanish by an employee of the store in question . In fact, stores that want to be part of Aliexpress Plaza must have a customer service in Spanish.

aliexpress plaza chat spanish

Beware of translations on Aliexpress Plaza

Not everything was going to be a bed of roses. Many times, we try to search for a product on Aliexpress Plaza and the translations of the products are not what they should be. Sometimes trying to search for something on Aliexpress can be a titanic effort. We recommend that you try different names for the same product (cover or case for case or case, for example) and that you keep browsing through the offers to get the best one.

Now you know that Aliexpress Plaza is an alternative to buying through Aliexpress to take into account. Faced with its strict return policy and the issue of the mobile phone guarantee (only 1 year, guarantee through an insurance company), we have low prices, shipments from Spain and assistance in Spanish. The decision to buy at Aliexpress Plaza is up to you.