10 GIFs to celebrate Valentine's or Valentine's Day

10 GIFs to celebrate Valentine's or Valentine's Day

Valentine is the patron saint of lovers and we celebrate his day on February 14. A day in which couples show all the love they have and that, perhaps, they lacked to show the rest of the days. And we say 'Maybe' so as not to hurt the sensitivity of those who, day by day, without thinking that February 14 is special, dedicate themselves to watering their love as if there were no tomorrow.

And even if you are from the latter group, no one takes a sweet tooth. Or a little detail. And February 14 can be a day, like any other, to have a detail with your partner. Even sending one of those 10 GIF Valentine we have selected for you. There are all kinds of them: hooligans, daring, cute, funny… You will surely find one that fits your partner like a glove.

We start with the special 10 GIFs to celebrate Valentine's Day: Valentine's Day. If you want to share some of these GIFs on WhatsApp, you just have to open the article from your mobile phone . Then, press and hold any GIF with your finger and save it to your mobile. Then, through the gallery, you can share it with whoever you want. It's that easy to surprise your partner on Valentine's Day.

For pizza lovers ... even on Valentine's Day

Surely some of your favorite pizza shops make special heart-shaped doughs for this day. Although the bad thing is that you are on a diet. That day you can skip it: after all, something special is being celebrated. But if you don't want to succumb to temptation , what could be better than substituting a GIF for pizza? Well yes, eat it. But you are on a diet!

10 GIFs to celebrate Valentine's Day or Valentine's Day 1

Love between species breaks down barriers

For interracial couples, for those who have had to overcome obstacles because they belong to different social classes, for misunderstood lovers whose families wanted it not to work. For all those, we have this GIF that shows that love between different species is possible . Isn't it lovely?

10 GIFs to celebrate Valentine's Day or Valentine's Day 2

For lovers of classic cinema

If your boy or girl is a true lover of classic Hollywood cinema, they will surely love Marilyn to the bar. Well, who better than her to send him a kiss on this Valentine's Day. Who does not remember this beautiful image?

10 GIFs to celebrate Valentine's Day or Valentine's Day 3

For those who are not going to celebrate Valentine's Day

Are you unlucky in love? If your friends don't stop flirting, every time they go out they have love plans and you just hold candles ... Or if, on the contrary, you know someone like that, we have the perfect GIF. It may be a bit of trolling, on this day of love, but humor should never be lacking in our lives.

10 GIFs to celebrate Valentine's Day or Valentine's Day 4

For those who simply hate Valentine's

A GIF directly dedicated to all those who do not stop criticizing this day . If they have had the whole year to show love, if it is an invention of the department stores ... Make them shut up with this GIF that proposes, in a somewhat radical way, to end Valentine's Day and the arrows of love.

10 GIFs to celebrate Valentine's Day or Valentine's Day 5

For those who dog to the top

If the names Maluma and J Balvin don't sound like bathroom disinfectant, this is your favorite GIF. We know that you and your boy or girl love to dog. You are passionate about twerking, although one is better at it than the other. To learn a little more about this provocative dance, we have our own human heart that teaches us to beat at the best (Latin) rhythm possible. And it is that love can only provoke dogging in our hearts ... if it is true love.

10 GIFs to celebrate Valentine's or Valentine's Day 6

The best gift ... you

Some people say that simply because they don't have a penny, let's admit it. Yes, we are a good gift, but where a good high-end phone is put ... No, seriously, we are the only thing we have in our life and we must take care of ourselves. And not just for us. So, if you decide to be the gift yourself, at least do it like Steve Urkel in Household Stuff, right?

10 GIFs to celebrate Valentine's Day or Valentine's Day 7

For those nostalgic for the 80s

If your partner continues to listen to the records of Alaska and Dinarama as if there were no tomorrow, he tore his clothes with the new version of Ghostbusters, he has the entire collection of 'I went to EGB' and collects Madelmans, this is his GIF. What can make you more excited to a nostalgic than the Mimosin own Valentine congratulate you ? The most famous bear of the 80s stars in this montage that is, at the same time, a bit disturbing and cute.

10 GIFs to celebrate Valentine's Day or Valentine's Day 8

For the cheesiest

A Valentine's GIF full of cute and cute things. Two chubby cats loving each other , on a heart that seems to be embroidered with lace, a well visible I Love You and we already have the prize for the cheesiest Valentine's GIF of the whole selection. But what would Valentine's Day be without its slice of cheesy items? Please, that the saint is an angel with wings that shoots heart-shaped arrows! What could we expect from these parties?

10 GIFs to celebrate Valentine's Day or Valentine's Day 9

For those who don't need anyone

Self-love may be the most important of loves and may be the most undervalued. They talk about the love of a mother, a friend, a couple, yes ... But what about your own? Loving and valuing oneself gives us the necessary tools to make it easier for us to know and give love to other people. But let's not forget that being alone is not a problem. It is not healthy to obsess over your partner and if, for whatever reason, next February 14 you are going to spend it alone, let no one make you bitter. You have yourself, which is, without a doubt, the most important thing you have in life.

Show it to the world with this perfect Valentine's Day GIF: you are your own Cupid and you don't need anyone to be happy. Of course not.

10 GIFs to celebrate Valentine's Day or Valentine's Day 10

What is these 10 Valentine's Day GIFs that best fit your personality?