How to add an animated GIF to a Twitter tweet on mobile or computer


From the animated gifs it has become an obsession for some. They are everywhere: there are countless categories, with cartoons, famous people, movie scenes and anything else you can imagine. They are fantastic to put an image to certain situations or opinions and, of course, to give us a laugh when we chat with friends. But do you know how to post one on Twitter? Next, we will tell you how to add an animated GIF to a Twitter tweet on your mobile or computer in a couple of steps.

How to add the animated GIF from the computer

1. The first thing you have to have is a GIF handy . And where do I get it? Well, very easy. You can do a search through Google . For example, if you are looking for a GIF with minions appearing, type GIF minions and you will get a lot of proposals. The searches you can do are endless: Angry GIF, Beyoncé GIF, Cat GIF, and so on. When you've found the one you like, save it to your desktop or a GIFS-only folder .

But if you want to go faster, you can also access , a site entirely dedicated to GIFS , from which you can download whatever you want. You can choose between different categories or find what you need by doing a search. And that's it.

GIF Twitter

2. And now we are going to get into flour to learn how to post a GIF on Twitter from your computer. You will see that it is very simple. Access Twitter and go to the text box What's happening? to be able to tweet . If you want to add your own GIF (that is, one that you have saved on your computer) you have to click on the camera icon, in order to insert the image in question.

3. Find the GIF and select it . It will be automatically added as an attachment. All you have to do now is write the tweet , if you want to write something. You will have 140 characters , as usual. Click on the Tweet button and it will be published the second.

twitter gif

4. If you don't have any GIFs and you want to be inspired by Twitter , click on the GIF icon , located right next to the location button. Next, you will have to choose a category: Happy Dance, High Five, Hearts, I can't believe it !, Slow clap, Sigh…  and Twitter will offer you a lot of options . Choose the GIF you like the most and hit Tweet .

Twitter Mobile GIFs

How to add the animated GIF from the mobile

1. If you usually tweet through your mobile , you have to go directly to the Twitter application and click on the pen icon (located at the bottom of the screen). Inside the box, just below, you will find the GIF icon .

2. Enter this section to see the categories proposed by Twitter and choose a GIF that you like . Then you can write your tweet .

3. If you don't want to add one of these GIFs because you already have one saved in the gallery, don't worry. In this case you will have to click on the camera icon and insert it as if it were a normal image. Hit Tweet  and voila!