Bose TV Speaker, your new most affordable soundbar

Bose TV Speaker (3)

Bose launches a new affordable soundbar, the Bose TV Speaker . Just launched in the international market, it will soon be available in Spain at a price of around 250 euros . It is a compact bar, barely 60 centimeters wide and about 5 centimeters high by 10 deep. Its strong point is the ease of use: just connect it to the sound output of the TV, either by HDMI ARC, optical digital or even analog.

It will replace the Bose Solo 5

The new Bose TV Speaker will replace the Solo 5, so far the most affordable soundbar of the American brand. The new speaker achieves higher power, is capable of reproducing dialogue with greater clarity and has in short better sound performance .

It also allows the HDMI-CEC connection so that it is compatible with current televisions and players. And it also has a slimmer design, so it will be more discreet in front of the TV. It has its own remote control , so that we could control it with the television control but also with its own when we are listening to music with the TV turned off.

Better bass and dialogue

The two fields that Bose has worked the most on in its new TV Speaker are vocals and bass . It does this by using two “all-band” speakers (one per channel) plus a center tweeter that improves the clarity of the voices. Although an optional subwoofer can be installed, for most situations and rooms the ability of the speaker itself to reproduce bass will be sufficient. For the optional cajon (the Bose Bass Module 500 or 700) we would use a cable connected to the dedicated output of the bar.

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The new Bose bar, inside: two main speakers and a center tweeter

On the remote control there is a button dedicated to the bass , which compared to the standard level offered by the Bose, can be adjusted two points up (increasing it) or down (reducing it for smaller spaces). Another button is dedicated to dialogues . When activated, the internal equalization is adjusted to improve the clarity of voices in movies or TV shows.

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Four entrances

In addition to the HDMI input with ARC , which will be the most used and the simplest, the Bose TV speaker also has an optical input . This input, also digital like HDMI, allows us to connect televisions that do not have HMDI ARC or in which we have some other device connected. Additionally, the Bose has an analog auxiliary input (3.5mm stereo jack). This, on the one hand, will allow any portable sound source to be connected, but on the other hand, it can be the solution for televisions that do not have an optical digital output or HDMI.

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Bose TV Speaker connections

On the other hand, the Bose TV Speaker has Bluetooth : that will make it easier to send you music from more devices, such as your mobile. And we can even take advantage of it to play music as one more element of a multi-room system , thanks to “Bose SimpleSync”. In this case, it would receive the music from another smart speaker, the compatible ones are the Bose Home Speaker 500, Home Speaker 300, Bose Portable Home Speaker, Bose Soundbar 700, or the Bose Soundbar 500.

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Remote control included