The most original costumes for Halloween that you can buy on the Internet

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Now that Halloween is approaching, it is a good time to surf the net in search of the most original (and inexpensive) costume. A good number of online stores offer us a wide variety of covers that improve any purchase we make in an Asian store. We selected some of the best for you to surprise friends and strangers the next night of the living dead.


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With stealth you can stalk all unsuspecting people with one of the most disturbing human legends that have become popular in recent times. It is recommended to have a relatively slim figure, since the original legend tells that the Slenderman was over six feet tall and quite scrawny . The tentacles are not included. If you can think of any way to motorize them, you will certainly be the master of Halloween night.

Gloomy reaper

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A classic among classics that never fails and is extremely disturbing . A basic but infallible costume that can also be quite profitable.

Even more gloomy reaper

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But if you are looking for a more updated version of the gloomy reaper of all life we invite you to this version 2.0, the enriched update of the murderer of the sickle of all life . A darker and more disturbing version.

Monster morphsuit

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Morphsuits are one of the latest trends in costumes, especially those that are destined to spread terror. Lately they can be found of all fur and of course they give a point of terror much higher than the classic costumes of a lifetime. And it is that not seeing the face, completely covered by that of a monster is quite scary.

Jeff The Killer

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Another one of those sordid creepypasta stories that have been sweeping through Internet forums for a few years and that is already becoming a pop icon of western underground culture. A costume that will allow you to both scare and make friends , since the lovers of this nascent phenomenon will surely flock to a bonfire with their gloomy disguises to share those disturbing stories that swarm through the most alternative forums of the network.


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The emergence of morphsuits has drastically changed completely classic costumes such as the mummy. If decades ago we settled for a couple of rolls of toilet paper wrapped around our body, today we can put on a jersey with an interesting sense of realism. And if we already put the zombie point, better than better.

Assassin from the movie Scream

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It has been 20 years since one of the cinematographic phenomena of the 90s was released. The film Scream, beyond its quality, introduced into our culture a mask that everyone recognizes, from adolescents to the elderly. And it is not who looks at that mask and does not instinctively think about that film. A recognizable and very simple costume with which you will triumph at the 30-something party on duty.

Second skin

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The second skin is a classic from that mythical chapter of the Simpsons in which its protagonists are infected with a strange nerve gas that turns them upside down. Another very interesting and quite inexpensive morphsuit that does not play as scary, terror or even panic. But the option of this costume is to give repelús.

Man riding a clown

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Without a doubt with this pseudo costume you will be one of the masters of the night. Seeing a man, at night, approach you mounted on the back of a gloomy and gloomy clown is a figure that nobody wants to meet on a lonely street. Probably the most original costume with which to go out and conquer on Halloween night. And you take advantage of the pull of the clowns.

Dark Knight

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We enter the division of very currados costumes for geeks. With this knight of the night you will run as a Halloween antihero. That is to say, that night you will be one of the good ones despite an aesthetic that would scare anyone. Helmet, cape, mask, sharp ax are four accessories that form a very interesting whole with which to go out and conquer the night of the living dead ...

(Very) scary clowndisfhall 013

Clowns are back in fashion. If since the premiere of The Walking Dead zombies have been the dominant dynamic in terms of Halloween costumes , now it is the turn of the clowns again. Although they have never just passed through its polyhedral soul, in recent months the phenomenon of clowns has returned to many Spanish and European cities, delighting users of social networks such as Instagram. If you opt for that disturbed clown mask costume, you will surely make people live in terror in your path. A good bloody knife will be the ideal complement.

Zombie clown

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If you put together the last two great fashions in the world of horror (along with the growing phenomenon of creepypasta) you will find this morphsuit that combines the terror of a gloomy clown with the filth of a zombie. This hybrid between The Walking Dead and It will be one of the most original, especially since it is an interesting design, which is not based on comic or movie characters, or urban legends or classic costumes. A unique design with which to differentiate yourself from the rest ... Unless you're unlucky that someone else has also bought it.

Ulcerative Zombie

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It is impossible to deny the repellence that this costume gives. This hyper flaccid and ulcerated zombie, morphsuit style is one of the most disgusting of how many can be found online. Another suit that, similar to that of the second skin, is more focused on generating repulsion and even disgust, putting it before terror or fear. Although something scary if it gives. In addition, it is also an original costume with which you will surely not coincide with anyone.

Endoeskeleton - robotic

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If you are a lover of the Star Wars style but do not want to repeat the Darth Vader costume for the umpteenth time , here is a tangential alternative to continue with that retro-futuristic pseudo-robotic style. What we like the most about this costume is without a doubt that mask that perfectly complements the morphsuit.

19th century vampire

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If you do not want to give up under any circumstances the classic elegance that dominates your life, this vampire costume in the purest style like the one from the movie Interview with the Vampire (that mythical movie from the 90s). A conqueror costume that does not leave a single detail and that will undoubtedly make you have good conversation points.

Spooky pirate

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We close with another classic of cinema that is already part of popular culture. Despite the fact that the Pirates of the Caribbean fashion has already passed a few years ago, the costumes are increasingly being worked to emulate the mythical character emulated by Jhonny Depp. A revised classic that you can find in some very complete digital stores, with hardly any accessories to polish and with great detail.