The best memes to congratulate Valentine's Day

The best memes to congratulate Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is approaching, one of the most romantic days of the year, in which all couples celebrate their love as if it were the last time. For some, this date is synonymous with consumerism and marketing. For others, it is the perfect time to express to your life partner what you stand for and all that you mean. The truth is that few can escape February 14. As loved as it is hated, it is impossible to ignore or erase from the calendar. Therefore, whether you like it or not, you can take the opportunity to send a meme to your partner, or to your friends on WhatsApp and social networks. Either to laugh for a while, or to launch a message that you need to be heard.

sheldom meme

This is the perfect meme if you're fleeing Valentine's Day like the plague. Remember the episode where Sheldon takes a spray to prevent Penny from giving him a cold? This is episode 11 of the first season and this image has been the protagonist of many different memes. You can use him to show your friends on WhatsApp that you are looking forward to this day and that no, you definitely do not want to get romantic.

Julio Iglesias meme

The "And you know it" with the image of Julio Iglesias is already a classic in every self-respecting meme. On this occasion, in addition, it comes very much in line with the situation. Valentine is the day of love and at the end of the day if you have a partner it is inevitable that there will be a time of intimacy. You can remind them with this explicit and friendly message . Now, yes, do you think you can catch the spirit of Julio and earn his fame as a Latin lover? Your girl will get you out of doubt.

valentine meme

If you are what you think that falling in love is a chore, surely this meme will make you funny. The image of a mini Cupid with a crossbow is the one that many come to mind when they think of the moment when the arrows of love are launched. This is far from the classic Cupid postcards , in which a fragile-looking little angel with a bow in hand is seen innocently shooting lonely couples who want to find their better half. And you, which Cupid do you prefer?

xbox meme

Another meme that can be very funny in your WhatsApp group or on your social networks is this one with the geek boy, whose image has been used in multiple memes. This peculiar Internet character is called Butthurt Dweller, and his photo was taken from Its repercussion was such that it ended up becoming known worldwide. The text that is always usually included in their memes deals with the excesses of the use that is given to technology. This character lives by and for a world in which video games are the only thing that matters or interests. Sometimes ridiculous and original statements are also included.

single memes

Imagine the laughs your WhatsApp friends will have when you send this meme tomorrow. If you are looking for a funny meme, this can come in handy to get out of the way. Of course, your single friends are going to be quite scared. Or who knows? It is possible that someone ends up being brave and raises their hand.

memes pictures

If you fear events like February 14 because of the heaviness that this entails, photos, messages and others, this meme clearly reflects your worst nightmares. Because yes, it is inevitable that tomorrow you open your Facebook wall or your Instagram and come across photos and messages of all the couples who want to show their love to the four winds. The bad news is that you will have no choice but to put up with it, the good news is that it is only one day and the day has 24 hours.

single meme

Well yes, seen like this, one of the great advantages of being single is that you will not have to heat your head looking for an original gift. You also won't have to spend money. This triumphant meme can be a comfort on a day like February 14.

parent meme

If we get down to business and you were born in mid-November, chances are this meme is absolutely right . If you know someone who was born that month and by that date, this meme may make them something funny. To others very little, so be careful who you send it to.

meme gifts

If you are tired of your boy always giving you the typical gift, what you want is something more "explosive", why don't you send him this meme so that he is taken for granted? Nothing better than the image of a soap opera to represent passion on a day like Valentine's Day. This meme can also be a great fit if you know someone who has a partner who is very materialistic and you want them to at least laugh for a bit.

tranquility meme

Chances are, with so many Valentine's Day advertisements, advertisements, and marketing campaigns you have felt pressured or overwhelmed for a moment. Surely you have had to keep this same face knowing that you do not have to enter the game, you are single. If you do not have a partner, you can make one of your friends envy by sending them this meme on WhatsApp. The bad thing is that maybe your friends end up answering you with some back that you don't like too much. For example the following.

meme statistics

Ok yes, this Valentine you will be alone, but you still have a whole year to find a partner, if that is what you really want. Hopefully next February 14 you will have someone to share the party with and join the mated club.

meme gift

Finally, be very careful not to have a detail tomorrow if you don't want your house to end up like the one in the meme. Jokes aside, if you have a partner the important thing is to make a continuous Valentine's Day 365 days a year. Take care of love and enjoy day to day as if it were the first.