The best offers in the outlet of the official Lenovo store

Thinkvision Lenovo

The Lenovo brand is undoubtedly one of the biggest references in terms of technology. Its products stand out for having elegant designs and high quality. In addition, the prices are very competitive, and they usually get attractive offers. The outlet of the official Lenovo store is one of the best places to keep up to date with these offers. We are going to highlight some of the most important ones out there right now.

These are exclusive offers for this 2020 carnival. You have them available at the Lenovo Outlet until February 26.

ThinkVision 23.8-inch monitor

If you were thinking of buying a good monitor this is your opportunity. The 23.8-inch ThinkVision from Lenovo maintains a good balance when it comes to picture and sound. In addition, it incorporates a Full HD camera with the VoIP experience so that you can make your videoconferences and complement it with your work. It also has built-in stereo speakers that allow you to listen to what you need with good quality.

You have it in the Outlet at a 20% discount in relation to its original price . You can buy it now for 200 euros, so you save 50 euros.

ThinkPad T480s

What better way to take advantage of this period of offers than to buy the laptop you need? And you will surely need it because it is a laptop that really adapts to everything thanks to its powerful 1.8GHz quad-core Intel Core i7-8550U processor and Turbo Boost up to 4GHz, in combination with an excellent graphics card and Dolby. Premium Audio.

In addition to its power, the ThinkPad T480s notebook stands out for its thin and light design, which makes it even more functional to take it wherever you want. For you to start getting its full potential, it comes with the Windows 10 Home 64 operating system. Its price on the web is 1570 euros, and thanks to this offer you can get it for 1100 euros. We are talking about a substantial offer of 470 euros that is well worth it.

Lenovo ThinkPad T480s

ThinkCentre M720 Tower

If you have thought about buying a good desktop computer, the offer of this Lenovo tower will help you decide. The ThinkCentre M720 tower is made to increase your productivity, thanks to its efficiency and high performance capabilities. You will be able to perform the tasks you need simultaneously without any problem. It contains enough hardware for everyday tasks, with an integrated graphics card. Its processor is an Intel Core i3-8100 (6 MB cache, 3.60 GHz). To give you a good start with it, the Windows 10 Home 64 operating system is already installed.

Its original price is 465 euros, and these days you can buy it at 395 euros. A saving of 70 euros is sure to come in handy.

ThinkCentre M720 Lenovo

ThinkPad X395

This is an offer that you should not miss, especially if you were looking for a good laptop with an AMD processor. The ThinkPad X395 laptop only weighs 1.28 kg, which makes it really light so you can take it with you wherever you want. In addition to its lightness, it stands out for its power, having the AMD Ryzen 3 Pro 3300U processor (4 MB cache, up to 3.50 GHz). To continue adding advantages, it is important that you know that its battery is long-lasting, with an autonomy of up to 15 hours . You also have it available with or without a touch screen, as it suits you. The memory is in 256 GB SSD format so you can store what you need. The Windows 10 Home 64 operating system is incorporated.

Its usual price is 919 euros and now you can get it with a 15% discount, so it would come out at a final price of 781 euros. This opportunity you cannot miss.

ThinkPad X395 Lenovo offering