Microsoft drastically downgrades free OneDrive space


If you have 15 GB of free storage on OneDrive , we have bad news: Microsoft is reducing the limit to 5 GB free , and from that figure you will have to pay. In addition, the platform suppresses other benefits that until now it offered for free, and it will not be possible to contract plans of 100 or 200 GB of storage.

OneDrive radically changes its rates


Microsoft is beginning to implement its new storage limits, announced in November last year and affecting Office 365 Home, Personal and University users . The most striking change (and most painful, for many users) is the reduction of the free storage space in the cloud, which goes from 15 GB to 5 GB . At the same time, people who had the 15GB camera album storage bonus will no longer have this service.

In addition, the unlimited plans for Office 365 Home, Personal or university cease to be unlimited: pass subscriptions offer 1TB of cloud storage OneDrive .

On the other hand, the 100 GB and 200 GB packs disappear and Microsoft is betting on a new plan of only 50 GB .

Overall, this is a widespread reduction in free cloud storage space, one that users will likely not welcome. Although 5 GB is a reasonable enough storage capacity to save the files that are most urgently needed in the cloud, the figure falls very short if we want to make backup copies. And for users with a lot of large files "" such as high-quality photos or videos, "" even the 50GB plan will be insufficient .

This is how OneDrive storage plans look

  • OneDrive will offer 5GB of cloud storage totally free.
  • If you want to hire 50 GB of storage (the Basic Plan ), the price will be 2 euros per month .
  • Subscribers to plans that combine Office 365 and OneDrive can opt for 1 TB of storage in the cloud at 7 euros per month ( Personal Plan ) or contract a  Home Plan that allows registering up to 5 users "" with 1 TB for each "" For 10 euros per month .

What to do if you are a OneDrive user

If you have a OneDrive account and you don't know how these changes can affect you, the first thing you should do is access your page with Storage information , where you can check the plan you have contracted, the space you are using and the date on which the new limits will be implemented for your account.

If you exceed your limit at the time of applying the new rates, OneDrive will proceed as follows:

  • If you have a free account and you are using more than 5 GB , you will receive an email with an offer that will allow you to enjoy the Office 365 Personal plan "" which includes 1 TB of OneDrive storage "" for free for one year. If you reject that offer, you will have to contract one of the payment plans or get files from the cloud until they reach 5 GB or less .
  • If you do not perform any of these tasks within 90 days of receiving the notification from Microsoft , your account will become read-only: you will be able to view and download your files for a further 9 months, but you will not be able to add anything new to your account.
  • And if you still exceed that limit after 9 months, Microsoft will lock your account and you will have another 6 months to take action, or your files will be deleted from OneDrive .