We tested the Tado Smart Thermostatic Head

We tested the Tado Smart Thermostatic Head

Do you want to make your home smarter? One way to start is by acquiring light bulbs or connectors that can be controlled via mobile phone or with our virtual assistants. But the demotics not only stays in the sockets, or in a robot vacuum cleaner. There are very interesting options that also help us save energy. An example is the Tado thermostatic head that we analyzed in Tuexperto. A very practical way to control the temperature of the radiator from our mobile . What did we think?

The smart thermostatic head has a clean and comfortable design. It is a device built in polycarbonate with a white color. It has a small LED panel where we can view information, such as temperature or status. It also has a wheel in the upper area to adjust the temperature. The head fits most radiators, although a separately sold accessory is sometimes required. This head does not have a plug, it is connected through batteries.

The head also comes with a bridge that allows us to connect it to the internet, with a small design that hides very well behind the router.

installation and compatibility

Thermostatic head installation couldn't be easier. In my case I have needed some adapters since the dimensions of the valve of my radiator do not coincide with the device. These accessories can be found in any store. It is recommended to contact Tado technical service to check if the head is compatible with your radiator and if an accessory is necessary.


What is essential for the installation of the head is the application (I will talk about it later). This app is available for free on Google Play and the App Store. We must follow the steps indicated in the app. From connecting the adapter to give the head access to the network, to configuring the app and installing the thermostat. In my case, place the accessory, turn on the head and couple it to the valve . The app will do the rest of the process. In about 5 minutes the head is configured and linked to the application.


Its function is very simple: adjust the temperature of the radiator. The difference of this head to a conventional one is the technology and everything we can do with the application. It can be set manually, adjusting the temperature through the wheel or control knob. In addition, it has a temperature, humidity and ambient light sensor. It detects it through the app and informs us constantly, in real time. An interesting detail is that the device can adjust the temperature automatically depending on the weather outside, we are going to delve a little more into its application and the options it can make.

Everything we can (and what Tado can) do with the app


The Tado application is undoubtedly one of the best sections. The app has an excellent design, with an accessible and very intuitive menu. This is divided into sections. Specifically, 5. On the one hand, we have the option of adjusting the heating. In the widget it will tell us what temperature the radiator is at and if we press, we can adjust it and even program it. In addition, it shows us information about the current temperature of the room or the humidity. There is also an option that allows us to see the graph with the temperatures that the room where this head is located has reached.

The second option is the comfort of the environment. The device is capable of detecting the air quality and heat in the room and informs us if it is at the appropriate levels. For example, we can know if the indoor air quality is good, bad or regular, if the temperature is pleasant or if it is too hot, humid, cold or dry.

Third option: geolocation. Through the location of our device, the head detects whether or not we are at home and is automatically configured depending on what we have programmed.

The fourth option tells us the energy savings. It is one of the most important sections, as it shows us what we are saving by using the thermostatic head. In my case, I saved 17.5 percent in December, which is not bad at all. Here it also shows the different actions of the assistant to help us save.

The last category is the technical service, where we can request a repair, revision or even the budget for a new boiler.

All these options can be adjusted in the app. For example, we can enable or disable the detection of open windows to turn off the radiator or geolocation. In addition, it allows us to add more accounts for other devices or family members or even add other Tado devices to the app.

A very interesting option is the Auto-Assist function. It is a paid feature cake and is priced at 3 euros per month. What can you do? Its function is very simple, automatically adjust all the options . For example, if it detects an open window, it automatically turns off the thermostat. If we do not activate this option, it only warns us through a notification, but does not adjust anything. The same with geolocation. In this way, you do not have to be aware of the application and manually programming the heating. For the price you can not ask for more, it is 36 euros a year.

Without a doubt, the Tado application is very, very comprehensive. You get a very good experience and great usability: menus with good design, easy and understandable options, detailed information. During testing for analysis I have not found any buts. Yes, I have missed a widget for Android where I can control the temperature more quickly.

How does it work with Alexa, Siri or Google Assistant?

The smart head is compatible with the main assistants, such as Amazon's Alexa, Apple's Siri or the Google Assistant . With this, we can ask the phone or speaker for different actions, such as adjusting the temperature or turning off the heating. But what does each attendee offer us? I have been able to test the main three and this is what they allow us beyond turning on or adjusting the degrees.

In the three assistants we can create daily routines. For example, say 'good morning' and link the thermostat so that it turns on or adjusts when we wake up. Another option is to adjust it through the application. In this case, the most intuitive, and the one that best behaves is Siri. The Apple assistant has an app with a design very similar to that of Tado, so we adapt more quickly. The Google Assistant, with the Home app, also allows us to adjust these parameters and it works really well . In this case, Alexa is a bit more decaf. Although it is true that the configuration of the assistant is easier thanks to the Skills (it works like applications that you download on your mobile) the interface is somewhat more confusing.

In general, the integration with the assistant is very good. It is true that we cannot do so many things with the application itself, but it is not bad at all if we have a smart speaker, or even using it on the smartphone when we are away.

Conclusions and price


The Tado thermostatic head with the starter kit (includes a brig for internet connection) is priced at around 130 euros. If you have several compatible radiators in your home, premises or workspace, you can buy more heads and connect them to the extension that you already have configured. In this way, only the head has a price of about 80 euros. The Tado Range also consists of a thermostat. In this case the installation is also simple, especially if you have one installed in your home. The thermostat can adjust the temperature of the house and give orders to all the heads. It can also be controlled through the application and from the respective assistants.

How does the head work? At first it may seem like an unnecessary acquisition, but you quickly realize the change. Above all, because you see that it is not only used to adjust the temperature with the mobile or the assistant. The head can work independently, without the need for you to change the temperature, turn it off or check for an open window. Especially considering the auto-assist function. The application works out of ten: fair but necessary controls, excellent design and clear information . There are many interesting options such as the possibility of programming the temperature or controlling the air quality.


Without a doubt, one of the factors that has surprised me the most has been the energy savings achieved with the thermostat. In my case, I have managed to save almost 18 percent since I have it installed. And of course, in the end it is something that shows on the bill.

In short, the Tado thermostatic head is a very good option if you want to save, especially in a much simpler way through its application and automatic programming. The device also has some other cons. For example, it does not have a widget to control it from the mobile in a faster way. Nor an option to reset the head without removing it from the radiator.

The Tado device is also  a very good introduction to the connected home. Of the smart accessories for the house, it is one of the cheapest, taking into account that smart doorbells or closers have a price of about 300 euros. In addition, it is compatible with all (at least the three main) assistants on the market.