Amazon Protect, what the additional Amazon warranty covers

Amazon Protect

Amazon has launched its new insurance for technology products in Spain. Amazon Protect is insurance that offers additional coverage against accidental damage, breakdown or theft in some electronic products . This insurance is in addition to the mandatory warranty offered by the manufacturer of any product, in no case does it replace it. An insurance that offers worldwide coverage , which covers accidental damages that are not covered by the guarantee and that, in addition, can be transferred to another person if we sell the device . We are going to review the features of the Amazon Protect service .

Today there are many electronics stores that, when you buy a technological product, offer you to contract an extension of warranty or additional insurance against accidents. Stores like Mediamarkt have been doing this for a long time and in some products susceptible to damage by human carelessness, such as smartphones, it can be a good investment. Now one of the global giants of electronic commerce, Amazon , has launched its warranty extension and accident insurance service in our country. It is called Amazon Protect and we can contract it when buying any certain electronic devices through the Amazon website .

Amazon Internet

Amazon Protect covers a maximum of three claims for accidental damage from day one , such as drops, screen breakage or liquid damage. If we suffer an accident of this type and we have contracted Amazon Protect insurance , the company will replace the device ; or, it will offer the repair in case the user prefers to keep the data in it. If it is a smartphone, Amazon will replace the faulty phone with a refurbished mobile phone of the same make and model. If they do not have a refurbished model of our smartphone available, they will offer a similar model or a gift voucher from for the value of the device.

The service is now available for hiring at and its price varies depending on the device we are purchasing. Hiring it is very simple, we will have it available on the right side of the screen when we enter a technology product.

Amazon Protect

If we click on the link in blue, a screen will open that will tell us in general the insurance conditions, but we recommend that you click on the bottom left where it says “See more details” . This page is where we can see exactly what Amazon Protect insurance covers and, more importantly, what it does not cover. We must also bear in mind that, depending on the product chosen, the type of insurance will be different , hence the importance of reading the conditions. For example, in the previous image you can see that for a Samsung Galaxy S7 the Amazon Protect insurance consists of insurance for "accidental damage". However, if we look, for example, a TV, the Amazon Protect applied is a kind of extended warranty a safe breakdowns .

Amazon Protect

The amount of the insurance will also vary depending on the value of the device that we are acquiring. For example, the cost of one year's insurance for a Samsung Galaxy S7 edge is 89 euros , while the same insurance for an Alcatel Onetouch Pop 3 is 12.50 euros .