Wolfenstein 3D free on iPhone and PC to celebrate its 20 years

Wolfenstein 3d

Before Doom, before Duke Nukem 3D , and of course before Call of Duty, Battlefield or Medal of Honor , there was a game that laid the foundations for fps (first-person shooter games) and which can be considered as the main culprit that nowadays these types of games flood consoles, computers and mobile phones . We are referring to Wolfenstein 3D, a title that although it was not the first first-person shooter in history, it was the one that acted as a trigger to arouse worldwide interest in a genre that is still so alive today.

For some of us it seems like yesterday, but it has been 20 long years since we were able to put our fingers on a keyboard to endlessly walk through the labyrinthine corridors of Wolfenstein 3D , opening its endless doors again and again, while on the way we ended with a few Nazis. To celebrate the game's twentieth anniversary , the id Software company has created a commemorative website where anyone who wants to can play this great classic for free. In addition and only for a limited time , iPhone and iPad users will be able to download completely freethe version of Wolfenstein 3D that has been available on the AppStore for some time. Then we leave you with the links to access both versions of  Wolfenstein 3D.

Wolfenstein 3D 01

On May 5, 1992 went on sale Wolfenstein 3D , a game that further polishing the earlier work of id Software, Hovertank 3D and Catacomb 3D, both titles with a similar mechanics. John Carmack , one of the founders of id Software and creator recalls wistfully how  Wolfenstein 3D was getting that enemies are seen from different angles, mimicking an effect 3D very well managed. The Wolfenstein 3D plot puts us in the shoes of William J. Blazkowicz, an American spy arrested in theNazi prison known as Wolfenstein. The objective is to escape from there alive and to finish with Hitler once and for all

The adventure is full of doors, secret rooms, as well as food and treasures, which the player must collect along the way. From time to time you will find magazines for your weapons which will be a great relief at certain times. Several different weapons are available and at the end of each episode (of the three available) a final boss will appear . In the third and final level,  William J. Blazkowicz faces the Fí¼hrer himself . But before we get to it we will have to have finished off a good number of soldiers and guard dogs first. Or maybe not, since in the web version of the game that i d Software has just enabled, you canchoose any episode and any level without having to finish a previous one, so we can recreate the final fight against Hilter as many times as we want.

We leave you with the direct links to play and download Wolfenstein 3D for your computer and  iPhone respectively.

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Download free Wolfenstein 3D for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.