The giant Fortnite hamburger that ended up in the middle of the desert

The giant Fortnite hamburger that ended up in the middle of the desert

If you play Fortnite you surely know the hamburger that is (well, it was) above the restaurant "Durr Burger" in the location "Caserío Cholesterol" This giant hamburger with a rather nice smile disappeared a few days ago from the Fortnite map due to the alleged absorption by one of the cracks that caused the missile to launch. Until now, all the players believed that the hamburger had completely disappeared, as it happened with other objects in the game. But a user has found it in the middle of the desert.

The person who found the burger seems to be unfamiliar with the Fortnite game and the importance of the “Burger” in one of the most popular locations on the map. He tweeted a picture of the burger wondering what was doing there. Users immediately became suspicious, believing that it was an image edited by Photoshop. The Twitter user who uploaded the image decided to make videos. In one of them you can see a poster with the phrase: "If you can read this, you are within reach of the anomaly."

Que…. is this… I'm in the middle of the desert why is this here ???

- Sela Shiloni (@selashiloni) July 6, 2018

Here's a video for you. It's definitely not photoshopped

- Sela Shiloni (@selashiloni) July 6, 2018

I don't have one 😫. I have other videos but didn't think I'd need one of me touching it lol

- Sela Shiloni (@selashiloni) July 6, 2018

Immediately followers of the game began to investigate what was happening in that desert. Some players decided to move to the place. They found two alleged agents conducting research on the burger. As well as a police car exactly identical to those found in the game.

This is Agent # 3678 who was spotted by me and also @ItsJosshA and @DUSupra at the Durr Burger Site in California. We asked questions and he answered with questions back, what could he be up to? #Fortnite

- Dillon (@Dillonworks) July 7, 2018

Checked out the burger head in the desert. This is what was here guy gave me a card too.

- A2K K1Lo (@ A2K_Kilo) July 7, 2018

Why is the hamburger there?

Everything points to a campaign created by Epic Games in order to promote the arrival of season 5 to Fortnite . According to rumors, the Fortnite map could be completely deserted, which is why the hamburger has been transported to that place. It all started with the launch of the rocket last June. For unknown reasons the rocket caused a huge breach in the sky. As well as different "portals" that absorb objects in different locations.

Another one bites the dust… 🍔 //

- Fortnite News (@FortniteBR) July 5, 2018

Fortnite is one of the most extravagant video games that we can find today. Dances, gestures, skins, community are some of the reasons why this game has become the most popular of the moment. But there is something that Epic Games also knows how to do very well. Leave us with our mouths open before a great launch. As well as creating a great expectation among all the players. It certainly is. With only days left until the start of Season 5, what will Epic Games have in store for us?

Via: Mashable.