, guide with all the weapons and options for your plane

You've probably already heard of . And this game is building the necessary reputation to become the new . A massively multiplayer browser title is starting to cause furor with its frantic and crazy games and it addictive mechanical . Now, do you know all the weapons that you can use in this title? Did you know that you can customize the planes you play with? Do you wonder if you can fight in space? At we want to solve all these doubts and, for this reason, we have created this special guide . Attentive.


You may know this part quite well. The idea is simple: with the computer mouse , you just have to steer the ship wherever you want to go or where you want to shoot. There is no way to speed up or slow down the pace of the ship, you can only choose the direction and press the left mouse button or the space bar to shoot.

Each player has the same life bar at the beginning of the game. When being shot or sinking in the water, this is reduced. It is possible that, when it is red and about to be exhausted , the player loses complete control of the ship. At that moment, one can only wait for the inevitable and either be shot down completely by an enemy, or end up at sea. Of course, during the descent you can continue shooting and try to avenge your takedown . It is also possible that you will run into a parachute alive to regain health.

What you may not know is that, when wounded, it is possible to recover part of the health bar away from combat and without the need to collect life parachutes.

Do not lose sight of the coins or golden balls that are scattered around the stage. It's one of the best ways to climb the leaderboard.

Play with friends

To avoid the problems and requests that and have already suffered , it seems that has decided to implement the game mode with friends from the beginning . All you have to do is click on the tab in the upper left corner "Copy room link" and send it to other players. These will only have to paste the link in the address bar of their browsers to play on the same map as the rest, where they can compete against everyone.

Special events

At the moment has several special game modes that appear in a timely manner. Without being able to configure when or how, it is possible to enjoy 10 minutes of play in space . This mode appears randomly every hour , taking the action beyond the stratosphere. When it happens, the planes swap their shots for lasers and the gameplay adapts to weightlessness and meteorites. With this, the enemies must also face the space rocks , which can be divided and thrown against other players. In addition there are special weapons such as the super green laser.

Another special event that happens throughout the day is Sudden Death . During several moments in the day, a game mode is activated in which one shot is used to end the life of any player . Something that enhances the chains and manages to speed up the games even more. A kind of for himself who can where no one is safe.

The last event introduced to date is the attack of a warship . As if flying in this territory full of enemies were not enough, eventually a warship appears in the sea attacking everyone who approaches. An enemy common to all that adds epic moments to the usual gameplay.

Chains and revenge

There is nothing sweeter than revenge , and in it is something that is rewarded. Thus, when the player dies at the hands of an enemy, it is possible to start a new game and see that said player is marked with a kind of skull . It is the way to identify who ended our previous game and, if desired, end theirs this time. This reports a special score, as well as an extra aftertaste that only offers that which is served on a cold plate.

The same happens when the king of the game is defeated . And it is that the first place of the table ends up getting a crown that on the one hand recognizes the merit as the most bloodthirsty and skilled player. The bad thing is that, in addition to the crown, it only manages to be the point of attention of the rest of the enemies, having to fight against all those who want an extra score when defeating it.


There is also a special score for being able to knock down an enemy, losing the player much of his own life . A technique "by the hair" with which to show off and play to the limit.

The chains are another issue to consider. And it is that shooting down one enemy after another or practically at the same time ( double death and triple death ) manages to link points and increase the healing qualities of our ship. Thus, it is possible to chain more than 10 deaths to become the king of the leaderboard thanks to the sum of all the points, all receiving special shots and life increases with each new takedown. And is that when it takes a run, makes things easy to continue succeeding.


But let's get to the really interesting thing. What types of shots are there? Are there enhancers? Here is a list of what, for now (we must not forget that it is a game still in development where it is possible that more content will be added in the coming weeks), you can enjoy.

Submachine gun: this is the default weapon. Shoot continuously with single shots. It takes aim and patience, as it takes little life.

Bomb : it is the last weapon added. You just have to pick it up to start scattering bombs that fall from the tail of our plane to the ground in a dive. Effective to kill enemies located below. Useful for getting rid of pursuers. A bomb, a fallen enemy.

Shotgun : This is a variation of the submachine gun. The difference is that this weapon fires three at a time with a wide spread. It has a short range but is quite powerful.

Missiles : Their effectiveness and power is very similar to that of bombs, and is that they kill enemies with a single shot. Now, they are somewhat slow and can be evaded. The player can aim the peephole and direct them. They are long-range.

The fist : it is not a proper weapon. Rather, it offers the player the ability to ram the enemy thanks to a momentary acceleration of the plane. It is very effective when close to enemies, but does not have long range.

Laser: With the icon of a peephole, this weapon allows you to take down enemies quite comfortably. Fire a powerful beam capable of hurting you with a single shot. The problem is that you have to aim well first. It is somewhat slow but has a long range.

Super weapon: it is undoubtedly the ultimate weapon. This is a kind of thick and devastating laser shot. Everything that comes across it dies. No need to aim, just shoot and twist to destroy everything around you. This weapon appears eventually and can be snatched if the enemy who possesses it is defeated.

Health Parachute: This is an enhancer and, as its symbol indicates, it helps restore lost health. You can get to extend the bar to enjoy more life.


By clicking on the airplane icon, before entering the name on the main screen and starting to play, it is possible to create different skins for the ship. Of course, there are more hidden issues in this game.

Here you can choose between the colors red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple . These colors are shown in six different patterns . Enough to be able to differentiate the user's ship from the rest at a glance.


However, there is a hidden detail: the flags . When entering the name of a country in English (Spain for Spain, for example), the user's plane carries a flag of that nationality. And not only that, as was already the case in , when writing “Doge” the famous Internet dog appears, “pirate” to become a pirate or “jelly” to get a flag that shows the player's love for jelly .