Bang & Olufsen BeoSound Edge, luxurious and powerful wireless speaker with AirPlay 2

Bang & Olufsen BeoSound Edge, luxurious and powerful wireless speaker with AirPlay 2

Danish sound specialist Bang & Olufsen has presented the BeoSound Edge, its new wireless speaker. It was in the framework of the IFA fair in Berlin and as is often the case with this brand, the device brings many new features. At first, a shocking design and a luxury price: 3,250 euros when it is available from November. The B&O Edge is compatible with AirPlay 2 (multi-room) and Chromecast, as well as being controllable with your voice. It is designed by Michael Anastassiades and its shape, a standing cylinder with a large base and little thickness, is reminiscent of a coin. It is made of top quality materials, showing treated aluminum and fabric. It can be installed like this, on the floor, or hung on a wall.

Three way and 360 degree

Under that fabric , five speakers in total are hidden . A remarkable 10-inch cone speaker is in charge of the bass, as if it were a built-in bass drawer. What is also a new technology that takes advantage of the best of closed boxes and also of bass-reflex. It's called the Active Bass Port and it consists of an electronically controlled reflex output. When it is convenient to have fast and clear bass, it closes, and when it needs extension and kick, it opens.


Inside the B&O BeoSound Edge

Starting from those frequencies, we have two channels (mid and treble) with the two channels (L and R), one on each side of the Edge. The mids are provided by separate 4-inch speakers, and the treble with a 0.75-inch tweeter on each side. The result of this arrangement is a 360-degree sound emitted from both sides of the Edge. But we can also “direct2 the sound using the B&O application on the mobile. This novel directional sound control allows the user to define the direction in which the sound is projected, creating two acoustic fronts. We can thus divide a room into a more active listening area and a more passive listening area.

Original controls

Bang & Olufsen designs beautiful products and also with original solutions, in sound and control. The Edge detects when our hand comes close: it illuminates the touch controls on the aluminum surface by proximity . Being on the ground, if we move the Edge slightly to one side or the other, we raise or lower the volume. When released, like a snack, it will return to its original position.

Beosound_Edge_full product on wall_highres

B&O Edge on the wall

We can add voice control if we have a compatible device, Amazon Echo or Google Assistant. Bang & Olufsen has several, such as its BeoSound 1 and 2. More colors will be available soon, for now it is in this beautiful aluminum and black finish.

Michael Anastassiades_Edge_profileimage_HighRes

Michael Anastassiades, the designer with the Edge