How to know the status of a postal shipment

How to know the status of a postal shipment

Correos is the most widely used parcel transport company in Spanish. For this reason, many users have the doubt of how they can locate the status of a shipment made with Correos , or of a package that they expect to receive in the next few days. If that's the case, you've come to the right place. Keep reading this post if you want to learn how you can know the status of a shipment with Correos.

Correos is a company that normally meets delivery deadlines for packages, but there are some occasions when delivery of a package can be delayed for a few days, or even a few weeks in the most serious cases.

Use the mail order locator to see the location and status of your package

Fortunately, Correos offers us a shipment locator , which we can use in a very simple way, to know the status and location of a package at all times.

Using the mail order locator is very easy, you just have to enter the company's official website, and then enter the code of your shipment to see its status.

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The main drawback of this tool is that you necessarily need to know the shipping code, otherwise it will be totally impossible to check the status and location of the package.

You will find the shipping code on the label you used to send the package, although it is also possible to find it on the receipt that they give you at the office when sending a package.

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post code 1 The information about the status of your package will be updated each time it goes through a new stage of the process.

  • Accepted : the package has been delivered to the office.
  • Departure from the International Office of origin : it is the equivalent of “admitted” when sent from abroad.
  • In transit : the package is on its way to its destination.
  • Arrival at the destination International Office : an international shipment has arrived in Madrid or Barcelona.
  • In customs : your package has stopped and you may have to pay
  • In delivery process : the package is in the delivery process.
  • Shipment pending to be collected at the Post Office : they tried to deliver the package, but there was no one waiting. You must go to the office to look for it if it is the second time it happens.
  • In process of return : you have rejected the shipment or you have not gone to look for it at the office.