This is what happens on Twitter with the youtuber JPelirrojo and his master

redhead course

In the middle of last week, the networks caught fire with two words that were repeated in all cases: JP red-haired swindler . Apparently, the well-known youtuber and musician had launched a private master's degree where “they would teach the keys to succeed in life and give the best of themselves” through “experiences that have made me a better person”, in the words of the protagonist. Master that today is accessible from your official website.

Beyond the bizarreness of the matter, the uproar caused by the youtuber has its origin in several triggers, which have been denounced by different renowned youtubers , psychologists and even students of the master's degree itself .

I'm going for it, the course that promises to make your dreams come true ... for 4,000 euros

It all started with a video posted by the content creator himself on his official YouTube account weeks ago. More specifically on the channel I'm going for it.

The 22 minutes of videos say that formal training is not required, and that you do not even have to follow "the paths imposed by society" to succeed in life. In the final minutes of the video, JPelirrojo announced the creation of a free intensive one week master's degree  where the keys would be given "to succeed in life" and "make the dreams of the participants come true" through various WhatsApp groups .

During the course of the week of the master's degree, the youtuber  himself announced the launch of a new private master where he would delve into the concepts explained during the grace week for the modest price of 1.00 euros , a price that Juan Miguel Flores Martín, real name JPelirrojo, exceptionally discounted the first to confirm their attendance. 3,997 euros is the official price of this master's degree.

After this, multitudes of students, of whom it is said that a large part were supposedly minors , began to report the case on social networks. According to various statements, JPelirrojo allegedly incited people who claimed to be economically dependent or without financial solvency to get the money by any means.

As a teacher who deals with minors daily, I am ashamed and disgusted in equal measure that you use your influence to profit at the expense of vulnerable people, @JPelirrojo. Hopefully one day you will be aware of the irreparable damage that you can cause them with such verbiage. //

- M. (@Meryprosa) September 19, 2019

The difference is that a large part of his audience is underage and has many followers, unlike anyone who should take responsibility for that.

- Carlhoi (@ Carlhoi2) September 20, 2019

"If you cannot afford it then this course is not for you", "Being happy is priceless, I have lived on the streets and I know what it is to live for less than one euro a day" are some of the statements that several participants of the course they claim to have received from the youtuber JPelirrojo apparently.

Redhead accused of fraud for his masterclass

The accusations after the publication of the case by several of those affected by the JPelirrojo course speak of an alleged fraud, violation of the European Data Protection Law and even coercion of minors . This is how youtuber La cat de Schrödinger recounted it yesterday in the video published on her official channel.

In the video in question, the youtuber  claims to have the original audios and captures of the conversations of the WhatsApp groups where JPelirrojo operated on a large scale in groups of 200 students. The statements of one of the participants of the course are also revealed, where she states that JPelirrojo himself allegedly urged students to pay by all means, even minors .

This complaint has been joined by different personalities from Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, such as Loulogio and even the Ska-P group.

Thank you @SchrodingerGata, for continuing to dismantle charlatans and for that shirt that looks great on you !! .//

- Ska-p (@skapoficial) September 22, 2019

Let's see, there is a character on the Internet who is very focused on giving the message that studying is mediocre, and that if you have that concern for self-improvement you should leave the "herd of the system"

- isaac sanchez (@Loulogio_Pi) September 13, 2019

Wholesale smoke sale. "Founder and director of the Master VOY A POR ELLO ™". Surreal. The cement face. @JRedhead

- Lildami (@Lildamiboi) September 18, 2019

The red-haired course that promises to be happy ... but does not guarantee results

If we access the official page of the JPelirrojo master's degree, the youtuber  promises the gold and the Moor with his masterclass, ensuring that he can “become the best version of yourself,“ enjoy the best years of your life and live off your passions ” and "take charge of your life." So much so that Juan Miguel Flores ensures the full refund of the money if the course does not meet the needs of the student ... Or so it seems.

redhead masterclass

If we refer to the  footer or footer of the JPelirrojo course website, the protagonist of the news indicates the following:

"All rights reserved. We do not create or promote products to get rich overnight.

You may not get any results , especially if you don't put what you learn into practice. "

Therefore, the previous clause is canceled, at least for contractual purposes. Neither does the youtuber  indicate any type of formal training as a psychologist or psychiatrist on his website, the main reason why many have labeled JP Redhead a scammer.

master j redhead scammer

At the moment, no participant in the course has denounced the artist . It will be necessary to see if everything remains a simple anecdote or if it is finally brought to justice for the accusations mentioned above.