Localizatodo.com, ships and planes that cross Spain in real time


The Internet is made for the curious . And but take a look at Localizatodo.com , a new service that we show boat trips and plane are being made in real time by our country . The service works seamlessly with Google Maps and is capable of updating every twenty seconds . In this way, we can see how many planes are flying over Spain , see where they are going and even check their coordinates . Something very similar to the video that showed us  24 hours of air traffic over the world , but with data.


The system works thanks to the collaboration of volunteers who install the antenna that sends data about the ships that sail along our coasts. The interesting thing is that we can have various information such as the type of boat, the state (if it is moored or in full navigation), its dimensions, the speed it reaches, the latitude, the longitude and the direction on which it is moving on the map .


Other relevant data shown are the number of airplanes that travel above our heads . Although it does not appear much less total aircraft overflying the country , we can see some data such as the flight number, the model of the plane, the foot of height, speed and even coordinates in which it is located .

In addition to seeing airplanes and boats, we can find mobile phones with GPS displayed on the map in the form of a car, boat or pedestrian , see weather stations, radio stations and even navigation warnings . A curious tool for travelers that can even show real images thanks to Google Maps .

Via: Traveler's Diary