eBay Extra, what it is and how coupons for purchases on eBay work

eBay Extra, what it is and how coupons for purchases on eBay work

EBay Extra panel interface, where we can see the accumulated points and the different promotions that are added to the platform.

Shopping on eBay? It is one of the largest online shopping platforms, you find both new and second-hand products from different sellers. It is an ideal place if you are looking for a discounted product, since there are different buyers, and each one offers a very interesting offer. In addition, we can pay through PayPal, which is one of the safest payment methods. If you usually buy your products on this platform, you may be interested in knowing what eBay Extra is and how it works. 

Ebay Extra is a platform within online commerce that allows us to obtain points for product purchases. In other words, every time we buy a product through different sellers, we will earn points. These can then be accumulated to get discounts on purchases. Of course, you must buy a lot if you want a discount on a product, since few points are accumulated for each purchase and the expense is very low compared to the product. Even so, it can be interesting and it never hurts to get a discount (no matter how small) when purchasing a product.

For every euro we spend, eBay Extra will give us a point . Therefore, if we buy a mobile for 100 euros, they will give us 100 points. In the case of some stores, an additional point is added for each euro. For example, in products sold through Worten within EBay, in televisions, video games and other stores that sell through the platform. We can accumulate a maximum of 25,000 points. Depending on the number of points accumulated, we can access exclusive offers or even exchange these points for discounts on future purchases.

eye! This does not mean that for each point we get one euro discount. Every 500 points are exchanged for a coupon with a 5 euro discount . Therefore, we will have to buy something for 500 euros if we want them to discount 5 euros on the next purchase. And so on. If we have 1,000 points we can get 10 euros discount on the next purchase.


How to join eBay Extra

If you want to take advantage of this point offer, you will need to sign up for eBay Extra. You can do it from here. Click on the button that says 'Join Now' and log in with your eBay account . It is very important that you use the account you usually buy from, as these points are not transferable. That is, you cannot pass them between accounts. If you don't have an account you can create one. Afterwards, eBay will give you 100 points for registration.

Where can I see the points I have? From the eBay Extra website. Just log in with your eBay account and check how many points you have accumulated, as well as how many points you need to get a coupon.

What happens if I manage to accumulate 500 points? They will automatically accumulate and become a 5 euro discount coupon. This coupon can be used in any purchase, you just have to add the code in the payment process.

Are there other ways to get points? Not only by buying products we can get points. If we invite friends and get them to register they will give us 100 points. Also, if that friend makes their first purchase, they will give us 250 points.