LG Super UHD TV AI ThinQ SK 8500PLA, TV with AI and Nano Cell

LG Super UHD TV AI ThinQ SK 8500PLA, smart TV with Nano Cell

Your Expert RecommendedJust a few days ago we talked about the LG SK 9500PLA, the top of the range of LG LED televisions. A high-end television that includes all the advances of the company. However, this TV has a kind of “little brother”. The LG Super UHD TV AI ThinQ SK 8500PLA is also equipped with Nano Cell technology and Full Array lighting system . In addition, inside we find the α7 intelligent processor, compatible with almost all HDR formats.

To this we must add the ThinQ artificial intelligence system and a Dolby Atmos sound system . There is no lack of the new Gallery Mode and a beautiful design in which the screen is the main protagonist. The new LG Super UHD TV AI ThinQ SK 8500PLA is already on sale in Spain with three sizes to choose from: 49, 55 and 65 inches. Its official price starts from 1,200 euros for the 49-inch model.


Diagonal49, 55 and 65 inches
Resolution and technology4K UHD, Full Array Local Dimming, HDR x 5 (includes Dolby Vision), 95% DCI P3
Panel typeLED, SuperUHD IPS with NanoCells, 10 Bit
ProcessorΑ7 12 Bit Processor
Dimensions (with base)49 inches: 109.6 x 70.7 x 24.8 cm

55 inches: 123.2 x 77.8 x 24.8 cm

65 inches: 145.5 x 90.3 x 31.8 cm

Weight (with stand)49 inch: 15.5 kg

55 inch: 18.7 kg

65 inch: 28.1 kg

SupportCentral Crescent
Operating systemwebOS 4.0
AppsYouTube, Netflix, Plex
ControlMagic Remote
Sound2.2ch, 40W, Dolby ATMOS, LG Sound Sync, DTS Decoder
Connections4 x HDMI, 3 x USB, Optical Out, RJ45, Headphone Out (Minijack), DVB-T2 / C / S2
Wireless connectivityWiFi 802.11ac, Bluetooth
OthersThinQ Artificial Intelligence System

Google Assistant compatibility

Release dateAvailable
Price49 inches: 1,200 euros

55 inches: 1,300 euros

65 inches: 2,200 euros

Quantum dots and back lighting

Despite being a step behind the top model, the truth is that the SK 8500PLA retains most of the characteristics of its older brother. For example, it is equipped with Nano Cell quantum dot technology . This allows you to achieve richer and more authentic colors from any viewing angle. In addition, it guarantees a wider range of darkness and brightness with improved contrast.

in-depth LG Super UHD TV AI ThinQ SK 8500PLA color

How do they do it? Nanoparticles absorb excess light and reduce the spread of color from RGB colors displayed on the screen. This allows a full spectrum of colors to be produced, resulting in a more realistic image.

The LG Super UHD TV AI ThinQ SK 8500PLA also uses a back lighting system. However, it is not exactly the same as the top model uses. The SK 8500 has a Full Array Local Dimming system , while the SK 9500 is equipped with the Full Array Local Dimming Pro system. LG does not specify the differences between them on its website, but it is very likely that it has fewer dimming zones. illumination.

The use of the α7 12-Bit intelligent processor is also maintained . The Alpha 7 incorporates a unique processing technology for sharper and deeper colors. To do this, it uses a double image cleaning system.

Thanks to powerful processing, the SK 8500 is compatible with most of the supported HDR formats . Delivers the true filmmaker's vision using Dolby Vision and Advanced HDR by Technicolor systems.

in depth LG Super UHD TV AI ThinQ SK 8500PLA HDR10

It also supports the most common standards such as HDR10 and HLG. These, however, have been improved to ensure that all types of content are displayed with greater brightness . This is obtained by applying a dynamic tone mapping in a sequence of frames.

Lastly, the LG Super UHD TV AI ThinQ SK 8500PLA is equipped with an IPS panel . The use of this technology allows for better color reproduction. But also keep more accurate colors when we do not see the TV from the front. Viewing angles are thus expanded to 178 degrees.

Dolby Atmos sound and premium design

A good viewing experience is not complete without good sound. This TV is equipped with Dolby Atmos sound . This format is capable of creating an environment with moving audio that flows around the viewer. This achieves greater realism and a better enveloping effect.

To achieve this, the television has a 2.2 channel and 40W system . It is DTS compatible and equipped with Clear Voice III.

in-depth LG Super UHD TV AI ThinQ SK 8500PLA design

Completing a great image quality and good sound, we have a high-quality design . The prominence is taken by the panel, with very narrow frames around the screen.

The back is dark gray and is combined with a silver colored "Central Crescent" base. This allows a correct hold without drawing too much attention. The connectors are located on the side of the TV and are slightly recessed, making it easy to connect when the device is hanging.

Gallery design LG Super UHD TV AI ThinQ SK 8500PLA

Artificial Intelligence and Gallery Mode

Like all LG OLED models, the LG Super UHD TV AI ThinQ SK 8500PLA is equipped with the company's ThinQ system . Thanks to this real AI system we can now easily access the content and services of the television. For this we will use voice commands.

For example, we can tell the television to turn off when the program we are watching ends. Also tell him to change the input, to put the console, to switch to cinema mode or to put the video of the holidays. We can even ask you what the weather will be next week or tell you to turn off the lights (if we have compatible lights).

in-depth LG Super UHD TV AI ThinQ SK 8500PLA ThinQ

We can also use the television as a control center of our connected home. If we have other appliances with ThinQ, we can use the TV to control them.

Also, LG TVs with ThinQ now support the Google Assistant . And they even have Chromecast built in , which means we can send you any kind of content.

On the other hand, we now have the new Gallery Mode . This allows us to turn the television into a table that shows the most impressive photos from TripAdvisor, accompanied by music and updated every season.

Price and availability

in-depth LG Super UHD TV AI ThinQ SK 8500PLA price

In short, the SK 8500 is a high-end LED TV . It allows you to enjoy the best LG imaging technology at a somewhat lower price.

The LG Super UHD TV AI ThinQ SK 8500PLA is now available in Spain in three sizes: 49, 55 and 65 inches . Its official price starts from 1,200 euros for the smallest model, although looking well we have come to see it around 900 euros.