How to directly translate a text in Word

How to directly translate a text in Word

Translating texts is a task that we all need to do from time to time. Google Translate is the automatic translation service that Google offers us, and it works completely in the cloud, so we do not need to install anything on the computer. However, many users do not know that the Microsoft Word word processor also includes a translation tool that can be very useful.

Microsoft Word is the most widely used word processor in the world. Microsoft does not stop working to add new functions to this great program, with the aim of meeting the needs of all users.

Since the arrival of Word 2007, this great word processor includes a tool that will allow us to translate texts in a very comfortable and quite precise way. Its operation is quite similar to Google Translate in terms of quality of translations. This translator integrated into Microsoft Word uses the intelligent services of Office. This means that you will need to be connected to the internet in order to use this tool.

Word offers us the possibility of translating selected words and phrases , or translating an entire document very quickly and easily.

How to translate texts directly in Word

The first step that we need to carry out is to select with the mouse the fragment of the text that we want to translate into another language. Once we have it selected, we have to go to the “ Review ” tab and then click on “ Translate ”.

How to directly translate a text in Word 1

The voice assistant will ask us to select the language to which we want to translate our text. We just have to select it and click the translate button, in a few seconds you will see your text fully translated.

How to directly translate a text in Word 2How to directly translate a text in Word 3

If you want to translate a complete Word document, the process is just as simple. In this case, you need to go to the “Review” tab, click on “Translate” and finally select “ Translate document ”.

How to directly translate a text in Word 4

A window will open again in which you will have to select the language to which you want to translate your entire Word document. When you click the translate button, a new Word window will open with the text fully translated.