How to remove McAfee from a Lenovo Windows 10 computer

How to remove McAfee from a Lenovo Windows 10 computer

Most of the computers that we buy already assembled and ready to use, come with quite a few programs pre-installed on your hard drive. In most cases, antivirus software is included in a trial version, which we can use for a limited period of time. In this article we explain the best methods you can use to remove McAfee antivirus from Lenovo and third-party computers.

Why you should uninstall McAfee from your computer

The use of antivirus software is highly recommended for all users of the Windows 10 operating system, and this is something that the leading computer manufacturers worldwide know. In the old days, Norton was the software that used to be included in practically all computers that were sold, but since a few years ago, McAfee has taken over in most cases.

However, the version of McAfee that comes pre-installed on these computers is a trial version, which we can only use for a limited period of time, usually 30 days. After that, you must purchase a paid license if you want to continue using this antivirus software.

There are many free antivirus programs on the market that work excellently. Without going any further, Windows 10 itself includes an antivirus solution known as Windows Defender, which has proven to be up there with the best antivirus.

That is why for many users the smartest option will be to simply uninstall the trial version of McAfee that comes with the computer, to use Windows Defender, or any other free antivirus such as Avast or AVG.

How to uninstall McAfee from Windows 10 step by step

There are several ways to uninstall McAfee software that comes pre-installed on your Lenovo or third-party computer. The first method is to access " Programs and Features " within the Control Panel, and from there uninstall all applications related to this antivirus. You can also use the Windows 10 " Settings " app .

uninstall McAfee

uninstall McAfee 2

Once all the McAfee-related programs have been uninstalled, all you have to do is restart your computer

This method has the advantage that it is very simple, but it also has the disadvantage that many times it can present errors and it will be impossible for you to uninstall these programs completely.

Fortunately, we can use the free McAfee Consumer Products Removal Tool application to remove all traces of McAfee programs that come pre-installed on our Lenovo computer.

It is a tool that has been developed by the McAfee company itself, so we can use it in a totally safe and reliable way. The first step will be to download this tool from the official website.

Once the download is complete, you just have to run the tool and a small wizard will start that will guide you through the entire process. McAfee Consumer Products Removal Tool will ask us to make sure we have uninstalled all McAfee-related programs from the Windows Control Panel .

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After that, we will only have to accept the license agreement, enter a small captcha for the tool to verify that we are human, and finally the process of complete uninstallation of all McAfee products will begin.

Once the process is complete, there should be no trace of the McAfee programs that were pre-installed on your computer.