10 very original YouTube video clips that you should not miss

10 very original YouTube video clips that you shouldn't miss 1

In general, video clips that do not have a large budget tend to be business as usual: the group performing the song on location. Shots of the guitar, the drums, perhaps an actor or actress interpreting a story ... Nothing original or provocative. But, from time to time, bands appear that take care of their video clips to the extreme of turning them into works of art.

Originality, avant-garde, provocation, experimentation ... We are going to offer you 10 video clips on YouTube that you should not miss for the world. Some are a bit extreme, so we recommend viewing them for an adult audience. None of them are going to leave you indifferent and all of them are going to surprise you. And who knows: you may leave here with new musical tastes.

Biting Elbows: 'Bad Motherfucker'

We started strong. An ultraviolent video , direct as a punch to the stomach, all shot on a subjective camera and in a single sequence shot. Recently, the director of this brutal video clip. Ilya Naishuller, premiered his first feature film: an augmented version (longer, more violence, more madness) of this video clip: his name, 'Hardcore Henry'.

With 'Bad Motherfucker' we accompany a mysterious character determined to steal a device that ... We better not comment more. As if it were a first person video game , with you, 'Bad Motherfucker'.

zZz is playing: Grip

Punk wasn't just The Ramones or Sex Pistols. There were also those who began to use electronic pottery to give birth to mutant sounds that have not yet been heard. Bands like Suicide are reflected in these zZz: they only need a keyboard and a battery to pound your chest with a hypnotic rhythm that you will not be able to escape.

And the video: a piece shot in a single shot, an overhead shot, and the representation, trampoline through, of traditional video effects. Keep an eye on the guy who paints the YouTube timeline at the bottom of the screen.

Aphex Twin: Rubber Johnny

Directed by video artist Chris Cunningham, Rubber Johnny is not an experience for everyone. It is sick, dizzy, disturbing ... One of those pieces that can serve as both a horror short and an avant-garde piece. A strange being in a wheelchair squirms under the sound spectrum of Aphex Twin, an expert at twisting sounds and taking them beyond what is bearable. The night vision camera does not help to make the experience more pleasant. Unlike.

It's 6 minutes that are going to stay in your head for a long time. We assure you. It is recommended to see it in the dark and with helmets . A terrifying experience.

OK GO: The Writing's on the Wall

In this special about original video clips they could not be absent: it is said that their video clips are so damn good that, in the end, their music takes a back seat. To disprove this, we are going to choose one of his best songs and an absolutely captivating video clip, which will delight lovers of optical illusions and trompe l'oeils .

Bat for Lashes

Attention, lovers of the night and the sounds that could perfectly sound in the soundtrack of a hypothetical fourth season of Twin Peaks: this video clip is going to be your new favorite piece. The group Bat For Lashes deploys its dream pop weapons to execute a video clip as evocative as it is mysterious , in which we see the leader of the band, Natasha Khan, being accompanied, in a sequence shot, by a series of characters on bicycles and with animal masks. Be careful, because the song can take you through mysterious and never-before-explored terrain.

UNKLE: Rabbit in your Headlights

UNKLE was an electronic music duo made up of producer James Lavelle and Tim Goldsworthy. In their first work together, Psyence Fiction, they delivered their compositions to performers such as Richard Ashcrof or Thom Yorke, from Radiohead. Specifically, the one that gives voice to this brutal piece that works as a short and is interpreted by Denis Lavant, a fetish actor from the French director Leos Carax.

Do not miss a detail of any of the minutes of this work of art: the end will leave you frozen . The director of this piece is Jonathan Glazer, creator of the essential Under the Skin.

The White Stripes: The Hardest Button to Button

A guitar and a drums earned the duo The White Stripes to give birth to a handful of classics that already belong to rock history in their own right. Directed by Michel Gondry, in The Hardest Button to Button we have a peculiar translation of stop motion animation to a rock band. We see how the drums are repeated with each hit of the bass drum, accompanying a whiplash with a bluesy aftertaste as only they could.

The Guincho "Bombay"

Canada is the most international publishing house and audiovisual production company in our country. She has directed videos for bands like Scissor Sisters or Tame Impala and they are characterized by having an extremely strong personality. In 'Bombay', the video they directed for the Canarian artist El Guincho, they took a walk through Tumblr aesthetics and the iconography that prevailed on the Internet at that time but which, to this day, is still very modern. Each frame of this video clip could perfectly be exhibited in a museum. A work full of eroticism and provocation.

Die Antwoord: I Fink U Freeky

A radical proposal that drinks from the most 'cazurra' and hedonistic electronic music. Like mixing Vanilla Ice, 2Unlimited and Alvin and the Chipmunks in a cocktail shaker. From South Africa, Ninja and Yo-Landi come with their proposal to the limit of parody, willing to leave no one indifferent. I Fink U Freeky could be playing at 10 in the morning at any suburban rave . If you don't move your body to this song, take your pulse.

And the video? Well, the video ... we better leave you with it. Draw your conclusions. To those who hate rats , better skip to the next video.

Major Lazer: Bubble Butt

We are speechless after seeing this video clip of Major Lazer, the group made up of Diplo, Jillionaire and Walshy Fire. On this occasion, we find a typical theme of his style: an irresistible mix of dancehall and moombathon. As for the video clip ... to say that Nicky Minaj is very angry for not appearing in it.