Top 10 Mozilla Firefox extensions

Top 10 Mozilla Firefox extensions

It goes without saying that web browsers are one of the  tools most used by users . Among the innumerable offer to choose from, Firefox has positioned itself as an indisputable choice due to its solidity, stability and the few errors it presents. Others, however, see it more as a companion browser.

Be that as it may, dozens of programmers have worked altruistically on improving this excellent browser for years, improving the existing version with each update. This is one of the main attractions of Firefox, as it is a non-profit independent software .

Another detail to take into account, and for what we are here today, are its numerous extensions, small free applications made by hundreds of developers . These can fulfill all kinds of imaginable functions such as blocking ads, protecting passwords, improving the multimedia experience ... In other words, users have at our disposal several options that significantly improve the browsing experience and make it much more pleasant.

Next, we will review some of the most useful and colorful. Go for it!

dark reader

Dark reader

This add-on, compatible with Firefox, offers a  dynamic dark mode for all those websites that we visit .

The best thing about this extension is that, in addition to the possibility of putting everything in black with white letters, we have multiple options to customize the appearance of the web . From a light theme as an alternative to the conventional dark version, to brightness, contrast and grayscale adjustments. Of course, these filters will be applicable to the pages that we want.



We are facing a Firefox extension that allows us to save the text that we use most frequently, such as emails or username, to use it and paste it automatically in forms on web pages, etc.

In this way, we will not waste time constantly copying and pasting the same information over and over again.

Through the "Explore" menu we can recover those pieces of text or create new ones from a selected text. It is also possible to  organize these fragments  using folders .

Full Screen for Firefox

With this extension we can work in full screen if we do not want distractions of any kind. In this way, we will have a space free of tabs, or any other element that hinders our attention, on the task we are carrying out. In short, a much cleaner and more accessible way of browsing .

WhatsApp Web Plus

WhatsApp Web Plus

If you are a regular on WhatsApp, you will love this extension. With it, we can read messages and send them from the browser in those moments that are not appropriate to go around checking our mobile phone, such as during work hours.

Its configuration is simple, which is limited to reading a QR code from your mobile to start working with WhatsApp in Firefox from your computer.

Facebook Container

There are few scandals that have overshadowed the name of Facebook, due to the fraudulent use that the social network makes with the data of its users .

Thanks to this application for Firefox, we can isolate our identity when Facebook tracks us outside its social network . This will make it more difficult for Facebook when it wants to track our visits to other web pages with third-party cookies.

DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials

We go with another option to keep our privacy safe. And DuckDuckGo is one of the most efficient browsers when it comes to user privacy .

Thanks to its DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials extension, we will be able to know if the pages we visit really respect our privacy or if it uses a tracker. For this, this add-on uses an indicator that scores from A to F if the page is more or less respectful of our privacy .

Turbo Download Manager

Turbo Download Manager

If we are regulars to download websites, it is still convenient for us to use a good download manager so as not to go crazy.

Turbo Download Manager may be the answer. It is a super complete tool that allows you to download video, audio and images. Furthermore, it can also be used to accelerate download speed or to improve its stability on low quality networks.

Poper Blocker

Who is not fed up with the damn popups? Thanks to this extension we can forget about the annoying pop-up advertising while browsing . Poper Blocker automatically blocks all kinds of popups, as well as tabs that open in the background, and those boxes that appear on the pages and cover the content.

As if that were not enough, in addition to offering us statistics, it also includes customization options in case we want to add exceptions to certain content.

Youtube Download

As its name already indicates, this simple tool will allow us to download any YouTube content that we want to keep .

Its use is as fast and easy as pressing the button that is implemented in the web's playback window to download the video in question to our hard drive.

Easy Emoji

Easy Emoji

With the rise of social media, the use of emojis has become very popular today when we communicate with other users. For this reason, Easy Emoji is an extension that makes our work easier .

The grace of this tool is that it allows you to add an emoji to any written message from any application or website from the browser in question. And not a few precisely, because we are talking about up to 1800 elements at our disposal .

These are some of the most interesting add-ons and extensions to give your browser more options and possibilities, so that you can start creating a large library of extensions for your Firefox. Of course, there are many more, so we invite you to discover them for yourself.