10 tips for Jaumo, a new dating app

10 tips for Jaumo, the new dating app 7

The Internet has become a fundamental tool for many people when it comes to meeting friends or going on a date. Jaumo is one of the latest dating apps to hit the market. It is an application that allows you to meet many people and start a relationship. We give you 10 tips to use Jaumo more safely .

Jaumo boasts of its excellent anti-fraud system, with which they claim to be able to get 87.82% of their profiles to be of real people , with only 12.18% being scammers, a truly impressive figure. Despite this, you have to be very careful when starting a relationship with someone you don't know.

Here we give you the 10 best tips so you can get the most out of Jaumo safely, do not miss them.

Learn to identify fake profiles

Fake profiles are highly variable . In some cases, a photo that does not correspond to the person is simply shown, and in others, all the data shown by the application has been falsified.

The motives vary widely, from impersonating someone they are not, spamming your website, and even trying to get money with blackmail or false promises. Many times those responsible for these profiles are foreigners, who arrive in Spain without money and are looking for a quick way to obtain it.

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Identifying these profiles is quite simple. Most appear as exuberant women, athletes, soldiers, architects, doctors ... in short, people with money or who easily attract attention just by looking at their photo.

Keep the feet on the ground

You may think that you have found the perfect person in Jaumo, a girl or a boy with a very attractive appearance, your same hobbies and tastes. If your story seems too beautiful to be true, it is very likely that it is not. It is not impossible, but it is too difficult to have happened to you by chance, don't you think?

If "your girl" looks amazing and claims that she is looking for a man of any age and that she does not care about the appearance, you better set all the alarms .

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Analyze the language

Many times the scammers are foreign people who don't use your language, so they use translators to communicate with you. Automatic translators often make a lot of mistakes with expressions that sound too strange to have come from the mind of a human being who speaks the same language.

If you avoid personal meetings, something is wrong

Have you been talking to the other person for months or weeks on a daily basis and haven't gotten them to agree to a meeting with you? If he always makes excuses when you propose a meeting, it is something very suspicious, surely he is hiding something very important from you that he does not want you to know . What should it be?

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Be careful with personal data

It is not about lying all the time, because you yourself would be a scammer or a con artist. However, try not to give sensitive information such as the address where you live or other data that the other person could use against you or to harm you. Your Skype account, WhatsApp, email address, workplace ... are data that you must protect as much as possible.

If you want to see yourself in person with the other person, you can meet in a public place where there are people, such as the terrace of a bar for example. In this way you will not be alone if something turns out as you did not expect.

Protect your phone number

Jaumo has its own communication system, which works really well and is very fast. This means that you have no reason to give up your phone too soon . If you do, there will be no going back, and the information may be exposed in a place that is not convenient for many people, such as porn sites or other dating services.

Never send money

This is something that sounds very logical, but logic is the first thing that is usually lost when you think you have met your better half . There is no reason for an unknown person to ask you for money, not even if it is to meet you and they are out of work. He sure has many other ways to raise the money he needs to come see you, if he really cares, he will.

Report strange profiles

Do you think you have detected a fake profile or a possible scammer / scammer? Report it immediately, that way those responsible for Jaumo can do their best job to prevent someone from falling into their clutches. This is the best way to avoid the presence of these types of profiles in these applications.

Plan your first date carefully

You have followed all the above tips and you think you are about to meet the woman or man in your life. It is the worst time to lower your guard , because the scammer or the con artist will have it easier than ever to do what they want with you.

At the time of your first date you must be more careful than ever, as it will be the first time you see yourself face to face with the other person, with all the dangers that this entails. Plan the meeting in a public place, find transportation to and from, inform your friends and you can even ask someone to accompany you and observe from a nearby place. Lastly, no alcohol, stay sober, and don't let your guard down, even if everything seems to be going well.

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Keep your mind open

We know that applications like Jaumo have their dangers, but if you're using it, it's to meet people, right?

Don't be too strict, as you may be missing the opportunity to meet a truly wonderful person. It is about being careful when starting any type of relationship with someone you do not know, not about putting an insurmountable red line on all candidates or all candidates. At the end of the day it does not have to be bad, you are using the application yourself .

Do you use Jaumo or a similar application? If you want you can share your experience with us, surely you can help many of our readers.