TDK A33, in-depth analysis

tdk a33

TDK is a brand that was previously known primarily for recording media. However, the field of audio is now gaining a great reputation. Under the umbrella of the Life on Record category , the company is assembling a selection of consumer products aimed at music lovers. They are dynamic teams with an original design, which offer good sound. Many of them are designed to be able to take music out to the streets, and take it anywhere. This is the case with the TDK A33 loudspeakers .

They are quite resistant portable speakers . They have a robust and durable design. They are sealed against dust and dirt, but also withstand splashes of water. In addition, its size is very compact . As they are wireless , they provide great freedom of movement. They work through Bluetooth , so they are suitable for listening to songs stored on a mobile phone, without having to take it out of your pocket. They can also work with other sources, such as any portable audio player, thanks to an auxiliary audio input.

tdk a33


All products in the TDK Life on Record family never go unnoticed. His designs are cared for down to the last detail. They are equipment of the XXI century, but with a slight retro touch, an air that recalls the style of the 80s. This time, we are facing a portable speaker in black , with very compact dimensions. A metal grill protects the speaker cones. In the lower part they have a folding plate that serves as a foot to tilt it slightly, so that the sound is triggered at the height of the listeners' ears when they are standing. The buttons are located at the top, although there are not many: power, volume adjustment, and paired via Bluetooth.

The TDK A33's street calling is also evident in the robust casing. They are specially designed for outdoor use. They can be used on the terrace, in the garden, near the pool and even on the sand of the beach. And in winter, they can even accompany the user on his excursions in the snow and in the mountains. It's a rugged design that withstands splashes of water , but is also sealed against dust and dirt. In fact, it meets the specifications of the IP64 certificate. This means that it is protected against water spray and foreign bodies with a diameter greater than one millimeter. Now, all this does not imply that it cannot be used equally in the living room or in any room in the house.

tdk a33


The manufacturer has chosen a configuration capable of offering 2.1 sound for these teams. Hence, you have put two 1.5-inch diameter full-range speakers in the front and a 2.5-inch diameter subwoofer , complete with two 3-inch passive radiators at the rear. With this configuration, the TDK A33s are capable of filling any room with music. The sound result is balanced throughout the entire frequency range, especially when working with compressed audio files.

The brand's engineers have designed them to be able to play streaming audio wirelessly and with practically no appreciable loss. They are the ideal complement to MP3 players, mobile phones, tablets, laptops or portable audio players. They significantly improve the sound quality of all these devices, with the advantage that they do not need to always have a plug nearby. They are light and easy to transport, because they fit perfectly in your backpack or suitcase.

tdk a33


These TDKs can play music without the need for cables . The wireless technology involved in these products to transmit the music is Bluetooth . It allows you to listen without interruptions. The user can come home enjoying a song on their mobile phone and continue it through these speakers. It's easy to pair the TDK A33 with any Bluetooth device. It just has to be within your reach, and all you have to do is press a button. The Bluetooth is version 2.1 + EDR ; it also supports A2DP (stereo music playback) and HFP and HSP protocols.

On the other hand, these portable speakers hide another secret: an integrated microphone . That allows them to work as hands-free to answer mobile calls directly from the speaker, without having to take the phone out of your pocket. Besides, the brand's engineers have wanted to increase the variety of sources that can be connected to these speakers. That is why they have included an auxiliary audio input with a stereo minijack connector (3.5 mm). In this way, it is possible to DJ almost any audio player on the market.

tdk a33

Other functions

The TDK A33s come equipped with a power adapter, so they can be powered from a socket. However, as they incorporate an internal battery it is possible to use them outside the home or office. The rechargeable battery provides a range of about six hours of uninterrupted playback. There are two possibilities to recharge it. The first is to use the supplied power adapter . The second is to power it through the USB port. Thus, it can receive power from a laptop, for example. Of course, the manufacturer warns that the USB port only works to recharge the battery; from there it is impossible to reproduce the music stored in a memory key.

Ultimately, they are portable and splash proof; You don't have to go around checking the weather forecast to see if you can take them with you on the weekend. With them, music can go everywhere.

Data sheet

ModelTDK A33
CategoryWireless Portable Speakers
TechnologyBluetooth 2.1 + EDR
Rugged designWater and dust splashes
Other functionsFree hands
ConnectivityAuxiliary audio input

USB (battery recharges only)

Battery autonomy

6 hours
Target price200 euros
+ infoTDK