Sangean DT-250, a portable radio with retro design

Sangean DT 250

The Sangean company has the DT-250 pocket FM radio available on the market , very suitable so that you can take it with you anytime, anywhere. This model offers a handy and compact design, something that is appreciated in this type of product. It has 19 radio stations that work in a single press, as well as an LCD screen so that we can see the stations without problems and set different settings . For its part, this radio has an automatic search and shutdown function , as well as a built-in speaker and low battery indicator, so you never miss out on listening to your favorite radio programs.

Some users believe that the different music streaming services, including Spotify or Apple Music, are giving up on other more traditional media, such as FM radio. Although it may seem like that, this is not entirely true, since today many people are still interested in having one, especially if it is portable and we can carry it comfortably on our trips or getaways. In addition, an FM radio is a safe bet to be aware of the broadcast of football matches and not miss a second of the game. With these incentives, the Sangean DT-250it can be the ideal companion thanks to its stylish and sophisticated design and its different characteristics. It has exact measurements of 3 x 6.4 x 10.7 cm and a weight of 109 grams. We also find on its front part a small LCD screen in which we can see which station we have pre-selected or which settings we have activated. The radio manages to pick up frequencies between  87.5 and 108 MHz in the FM band , as well as frequencies  522 ”“ 1710 (9k) in the AM band .

Sangean DT 250

The Sangean DT-250 has a few buttons located on its front, front and upper part so that we can more easily access the different functions it has. It is possible to choose between 19 radio stations just by pressing a button. We can listen to the stations, either with headphones, thanks to the built-in 3.5 mm jack, or from the built-in speaker itself. Another of its virtues is that it has automatic search and an automatic shutdown function at 90 minutes,so we will not have the need to worry about the battery if we fall asleep or distracted. On the other hand, it also includes a low battery indicator, so we will not forget to have spare batteries when the time comes. The Sangean DT-250 can be purchased in various stores at a price of around 50 euros.

The firm also has a similar radio in its catalog, but of a larger size for all users who need a large device. We are talking about the Sangean PR-D18 , which also has the alarm function. Its dimensions are 166.2 x 108.3 x 37.8 millimeters and weighs 400 grams . It also mounts an LCD screen and offers the possibility of recording 5 stations from the FM band and another 5 stations from the AM band. You can consult all the information on this model here .