How to beat all levels in Tigerball

You either love this game or you hate it. And it is entertaining, but devilishly difficult. That is why we have compiled five tricks with which to reach more levels. Some of them involve cheating in a shameless way, but it is left to each user.

More bonuses

You will already know that in Tigerball or, there are bonuses when chaining hits. Every four consecutive baskets, a level can be repeated to recharge lives and bombs. What you may not know is that, if you chain four more hits, the bonus will have one more heart. Of course, if you fail you go to the next level to continue your feat.

Free Check Points

To continue from an advanced level for free, you just have to make the first basket and click on the upper right corner. In the level selector change the order of these and go ahead to a check point that you have achieved. When you try to start the game you will see that it is blocked. No problem. Go back to the level selector and, this time, click on the white arrow. You will start from the check point without having to pay for it.

All free

Warning: Only the user is responsible for carrying out this trick. The installation of patches and applications from outside the Google Play Store can jeopardize the privacy of the user and the proper functioning of their mobile.

Thanks to the Lucky patcher app , which can be found on repository pages like APKPure , it is possible to patch Tigerball . In this way you can create a modified version in which you have access to integrated purchases for free. You just have to follow the steps in the video.

With this you can buy all the power-ups, unlock the check points , get all the ball designs ”¦ The game loses its grace, but it is still difficult to reach new goals.

Additional features

If buying every possible power-up is still preventing you from reaching new levels, here's another trick. Once you kill your lives and bombs , the game offers you another chance. By clicking on Gear-up at the end of a game a new submenu appears. In it it is possible to buy three lives and three additional bombs with stars . Taking into account the previous trick, this second chance will be totally free . And hala, to continue playing a little more.

Bombs for lives

Do you remember the bonus from the first trick? Well, you have to know that, to win those extra hearts you can use your bombs. If the bonus comes in a difficult level you can spend bombs and add hearts as if you made a basket, or to continue with the bonus in case you miss the shot. It doesn't always pay off, but it doesn't hurt to know.

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