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A little less than a week is what remains for the Municipal and Autonomous Elections to be held. Specifically, it will be next Sunday, May 26, when all polling stations open their doors to receive the vote of more than 20 million Spanish citizens of legal voting age. Less than five days away, most political parties have already published their respective electoral programs for the Autonomous and Municipal Elections . Parties such as PP, PSOE, VOX and many others who will present their candidacy on May 26 and have already published their proposals in PDF format on each of the groups' web pages.

Municipal and Autonomous PSOE electoral program in PDF

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The Spanish Socialist Workers Party has published a PDF dossier for the Municipal Elections with 80 proposals that will be applied in the different municipalities of Spain and that may vary depending on the locality.

Along with this, the socialist group has published another dossier of no less than 45 pages with the electoral program of the autonomous communities whose measures will be applied depending on the Autonomous Community .

  • Link to the municipal PSOE electoral program
  • Link to the PSOE regional electoral program

Electoral program PP Municipal and Autonomous Elections online in PDF

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Unlike the PSOE, the Popular Party has published its electoral program for municipal and regional elections in a single PDF document with up to 64 pages that will be applied in the different municipalities and Autonomous Communities of Spain.

  • Link to the municipal and regional PP electoral program

Electoral program Podemos Autonomous and Municipal Elections

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As it is a party whose grouping depends on the coalitions with the United Left (United We Can), Pablo Iglesias' political party does not have an electoral program for the Autonomous and Municipal Elections . The only document from which we can drink is based on the General Elections of April 28, from which a large part of the measures that will be applied in those municipalities and communities where the party has representation will be adopted.

  • Link to the electoral program Podemos

Electoral program Izquierda Unida Autonomous and Municipal Elections in PDF


Unlike Podemos, Izquierda Unida does present a common project through a document that combines measures that are included in the application of autonomies and localities for Municipal and Autonomous Elections where the party does not enter into a coalition with Podemos.

  • Link to the electoral program Izquierda Unida municipal and regional

VOX Regional and Municipal Electoral Program in PDF

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The far-right group has also published its respective dossier with measures that will be applied both in the different municipalities of Spain and in those Autonomous Communities where the party has political representation.

Similar to the PSOE, VOX has two different electoral programs that are applied in the Municipal Elections and the Autonomous Elections. It also has a dossier that applies to European Elections.

  • Link to the municipal VOX electoral program
  • Link to the regional VOX electoral program

Online electoral program for Autonomous Municipal Citizens in PDF

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As with Podemos, Ciudadanos does not have a specific electoral program for the Autonomous Elections . This is not the case with Municipal Elections, although in this case the availability of the program varies depending on the city or town where Ciudadanos has political representation.

To view the different party programs, we will have to access the subdomains of the Ciudadanos website that correspond to those of our Autonomous Community ( aragon.ciudadanos-cs.orgmadrid.ciudadanos-cs.orgguadalajara.ciudadanos-cs .org …) or city.

  • Link to the electoral program Municipal Citizens Guadalajara
  • Link to the electoral program Municipal citizens Zaragoza

More Madrid electoral program Municipal and Autonomous Elections

more madrid electoral program

The political party led by Manuela Carmen and Iñigo Errejón has a framework program that, unlike the challenge of political parties, integrates filters with which we can access the different sections of the program for the Autonomous and European Elections.

Thus, we can access a specific section (housing, health, feminism ...) instead of a single document in PDF format.

  • Link to the municipal and regional More Madrid electoral program

PACMA electoral program Municipal and Autonomous Elections in PDF

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The Animalist Party has no less than three different documents whose applications are intended for the European, Municipal and Autonomous Elections , the last two for those autonomies and municipalities where the group has representation.

  • Link to the municipal PACMA electoral program
  • Link to the regional PACMA electoral program

Municipal PNV electoral program in PDF

municipal pnv electoral program

The Navarro Nationalist Party has a single electoral program that is applied to the Municipal Elections of Vitoria , the city where the political party has the greatest representation.

In the Autonomous Elections, it is expected that a series of measures similar to those of the General Elections 2019 will be applied.

  • Link to the municipal PNV electoral program of Vitoria Gasteiz

Electoral program EH Bildu Autonomous and Municipal Elections online

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In contrast to PNV, the EH Bildu formation does have different political programs that apply both to Municipal Elections in those municipalities where the party is represented and in Autonomous Elections.

As a point to add, the party of Basque origin also has a program dedicated exclusively to the Elections to the European Parliament. To access each of them, we will have to click on the Elections menu to select the program that we want to view.

  • Link to the electoral program EH Bildu