Download free maps and the book to know Europe for EU children

Political Europe map with roads

The Internet can become an essential tool for your children's education and learning. You just have to know how to use it correctly and use its tools well. The material that we have free on the net can be endless. So today we bring you a special so you can download (or order by mail) a couple of Europe's books for children. Documents specially designed for the little ones and edited by the European Union itself.

Let's explore Europe! A Europe book for children, free

To download or order by mail this children's manual on European countries, we first have to go to its website. If you see that it takes time to load, or gives you failures, do not despair. As it is a great opportunity to get free teaching materials , the web could be saturated. Please try again later. If you have been able to enter, you can read a small introductory summary of what you are going to find in the manual.

You have two ways to get the book: (1) either by ordering it by mail or (2) by downloading it to the same computer in PDF format. Below we attach a screenshot so you can see how to proceed in each case.

europe children's book

With this book, children will learn about the culture and geography of our continent . Lavishly illustrated, the manual introduces us to the history of Europe, the different languages ​​spoken in it, as well as introducing us to 40 famous Europeans. In addition, the book includes numerous links that can help you and your teacher so that together you can expand your knowledge of the place where we live. A total of more than 44 pages so you don't miss anything and know a little more about the world around you.

Travel in Europe: download it for free now

Not only children will be able to take advantage of these publications that the European Union offers you totally free. We can download a manual to travel through Europe without letting anything escape us, a useful guide so that we can start our vacations without leaving any loose ends, without leaving anything to chance. As before, we have two options to get the manual. One of them is by requesting it by mail and, the other, by downloading the PDF and printing it ourselves. The shipping costs will be your responsibility: once you finish the ordering process, you will be notified of the amount, depending on the shipping destination.

Travel Europe 2017-18

With this manual we will learn to:

  • Take into account all the documents that we will need to travel through the European Union.
  • What type of currency should you use in the country of destination, as well as advice on its handling.
  • All about making purchases within the European Union, card payments, tobacco and alcohol and food products.
  • Taxes applicable to the arrival of European cities, as well as to the departure. For example, how much tobacco can you get out of the country.
  • How to get to the different European countries and what you will need on your trip by road, plane or train.
  • What are your rights as a passenger in a means of transport.
  • Prefixes of all member countries of the European Union.

And much more information such as tourism web pages by country, time zones, laws about pets ... A very comprehensive manual so that you have everything you need to travel in Europe at hand. And totally free.

What are you waiting for to order these manuals and books from Europe for children totally free? Help your child with her homework easily and simply today.