HP Photo Creations, a program to create albums, calendars, greeting cards to print

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It's called HP Photo Creations and it's an easy-to-install program that can be used to make photo albums and print calendars, collages, and birthday greeting cards . The HP company makes it available to all Internet users through its official page, from which you can download, whose weight is 40.60 MB for Windows users (XP, Vista, 7 and 8) and 39 7 MB for Mac OS X . After installing this software(You will see that it is a fairly agile and fast process) you will have a tool on your computer that will help you create all kinds of montages, with the possibility of including your favorite family images or photographs. So much so that HP Photo Creations offers more than 1,800 designs with high-quality illustrations, a gallery with 1,300 graphics , text boxes with custom fonts, decorative borders and many more tools for photo editing, a feature that will allow you to do without Photoshop . At least for the simplest touch-ups.

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To start enjoying HP Photo Creations, we recommend that you follow these steps:

1) Access the HP Photo Creations page and start the download to your computer. The installation process only takes a few minutes, so very soon you will have the software integrated on your desktop through a shortcut icon.

2) Click on this icon to run the program. A clear and easy-to-use space will open up before you, where you can search for templates By Occasion or By Projects . Thus, if you want to create a greeting for your mother's birthday, all you have to do is go to the right section for this kind of celebration and select the model you like the most, always knowing that you can change practically all the details of the design.

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3) You can edit almost all the components of your project: add photographs, change the font, graphics, colors and the design in general, making whatever adjustments you deem appropriate. In fact, within the graphics section you will find about 24 different topics : Births, pets, sports, school, holidays, Teen, love, travel, etc., can add even characters from movies like Madagascar, Kung Fu Panda and Shrek, between others.

4) The same is true of photo albums and calendars. The HP program will also allow you to design a collection of photos of the birth of your baby, your wedding or the trip you just took on vacation. It is about adding the photographs and inserting elements, to the consumer's taste, to make your album completely personal . If you are also one of those who are obsessed with organization, you can create your calendars month by month through this service , inserting all those notes, drawings or images that are most important to you.

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5) When you have finished editing, your project will be ready to print. Turn on your printer and click the Print button , integrated into the program. You will be able to configure the equipment and select those parameters necessary for the results to be ideal . We refer to the measurements and the size or quality of the paper.

HP Photo Creations is a must-have program for those who want to save a little by printing their greetings cards, cards, calendars and albums at home. The service is completely free and you can use it with any printer, even if it is not HP .