Memes, GIFs and greetings for the New Year 2018


The memes or greeting cards are too colorful and showy. Not to mention tacky. But be very careful not to forget to send it to a close contact ”¦ With the Congratulations New Year 2018 application you avoid this problem by getting a good amount of images and congratulatory messages. You will look good with everyone, since there are images for almost all tastes. They can be shared by WhatsApp or published on social networks, so all areas are covered. And best of all, it's completely free.


If the New Year postcards and memes have not convinced you, you can always stand out by creating your own GIF animations. With the Giphy Cam application the process is really simple and has many possibilities. You just have to record the video that is repeated over and over again, and choose the form of repetition. All this with the buttons that appear on the screen. Then we move on to editing, where the number of possibilities is overwhelming. We can change the look with striking colors, filters, and effects. But the possibility of introducing animated elements is even more striking. Sort of like a GIF within a GIF. Change the background, adjust everything, move it around, and ultimately do whatever you want with the GIF. Of course, be very careful with recharging everything, or in the end you will not know where to look. In the end you just have to share it on WhatsApp or wherever you want.

SMS Christmas 2018

If you haven't had time to think about your 2018 congratulations messages, you don't have to break your head. The SMS Christmas 2018 application has a list of useful options available. Just browse the category menu to find one or another option, in this case New Year's greetings. This is how a list of witty, cute and curious phrases, poems and jokes is presented . Click on any of them to read it in a larger size and find the options to share, either on Twitter, Facebook or via WhatsApp. There are also memes and greeting cards.


There are applications that broadcast, independently and securely, the 12 chimes of the clock that mark the entry into 2018. Search New Year Chimes 2018 in the Google Play Store to find a beautiful tool designed for this purpose.

Before the chimes is a mere countdown, however, 15 minutes before 12 at night on December 31, the application notifies the user what is going to happen. In the application the operation of the chime and the rooms is explained , and the chimes are clearly shown to eat the grapes without stripping you on the television. It is simple and free, although it includes advertising.


If you want to organize a party to celebrate the beginning of the year, do not hesitate to download the firecracker simulator. There is a bit of everything, from a firecracker in the purest Valencian fallero style, to firecrackers of all sizes and designs. In the end it is a simple application to make noise . The good news is that it is infinitely less dangerous than a real firecracker.

Another fun alternative is iHorn Party. With it we can simulate that our mobile is a noisemaker . Just blow into the phone's microphone to unfold all the revelry with beeps, firecrackers, confetti and cheers. You can also customize the appearance of the noisemaker.

Memes, GIFs and greetings for the New Year 2018