The best memes of the launch of the iPhone 7 and AirPods headphones

Apple AirPods

This week the event for the presentation of new Apple products , the Apple Event , was held, which has not left anyone indifferent. The appointment has been full of surprises: some moderate and others totally revolutionary, although not necessarily in a good way.

The new iPhone 7 is waterproof, but otherwise it does not introduce major innovations ... except for Apple's decision to completely eliminate the miniJack port for headphones and create a separate small wireless headphones: the AirPods .

And, unsurprisingly, imagination and fun have taken over  Twitter and other social networks in the form of memes, gifs and all kinds of sarcastic thoughts and ideas .

We have made a selection with some of the best reactions of Internet users to the Apple Event .

1. AirPods earrings ... and the constant search for headphones

AirPods meme

One of the biggest fears of Apple users is losing the headphones, although it seems that we do not agree: if they have cables, we complain because they are tangled, and if they do not have cables, they are lost. Although, logically, the loss of headphones that cost 160 euros should not be very funny ... The earrings-AirPods could be a good solution to the problem.

AirPods meme

2. Apple, Apple, Apple… what are you doing?

AirPods meme

“Introducing the iPhone 8 . It's the same as the iPhone 6 and 7 , but without a USB port, so it's really more luxurious. Running out of battery? It's a shame. Put it in for ... and buy the new iPhone 9 "

"Introducing the iPhone 9 , just like the iPhone 8 , but without a camera."

AirPods meme

There are also those who have not been able to avoid mentioning, once again, the great Simpsons: a modification of the famous fragment in which Lisa tries to fight (in vain) against the marketing for boobies . And it is that there are many who consider that the excess of price in the products of price is totally unjustified and that it does not make sense to obsess each year with acquiring the new iPhone without analyzing well what are the news that justify the change.

3. But… are those headphones really comfortable?

Are the AirPods really going to fit the ear well? Won't they get lost? Won't they be uncomfortable? And why are they so strangely shaped? People also ask those questions on Twitter and other networks.

AirPods meme

“Look at how big they are with that man's scale. They will never fit in my ears. "

4. And how am I going to pay 160 euros for wireless headphones?

Well, in case you desperately want the new headphones but don't have the money to buy them, these memes come to the rescue with some very funny and original ideas.

You could, for example, cut your old Apple headphones to keep the top. They hit the mark, right? You only need a cutter or scissors ... and voila!

AirPods meme

Another option is to look for a cheaper alternative, such as the head of an electric toothbrush, which is roughly the same shape.

AirPods meme

Or you can also look for alternative forms of financing ... (What beasts are some memes)

AirPods meme

5. Goodbye, (mini) Jack, we'll miss you

Jack apple