These are the new user icons of the Netflix interface

These are the new user icons of the Netflix interface

Do you use Netflix often? Surely you are noticing the changes that the company is making in its streaming service, new designs in the platform for television and mobile, new trial plans and new smart downloads. But the service continues to add new features, this time not so pronounced, but very, very interesting. Now, the avatars of each user will change.

Netfliz brings a new design to the avatars of each user. That is, those icons that appear as soon as you enter the service to select your account. The new icons are more fun and with an improved design . In addition, the company has taken the opportunity to announce the five most used avatars by Netflix users. First, we find the panda, followed by the man with glasses and a mustache, the penguin, the heroine, and the smiling woman in last place.

But the most important change is that Netflix will allow us to change the icon for characters from its original series or movies. For example, we can put on the face of Will, one of the children from 'Stranger Things' or characters from the series 'Orange is the new black' among other productions of the company. In total, more than 100 new customizable icons are expected for each user, regardless of the type of plan they have contracted.

Compatible on all Netflix devices and plans

This novelty is reaching all users today and will be compatible with all platforms , such as TV, Apps or web browser. In principle, we will be able to see the changes of the classic icons and in the coming weeks the characters of the series. Later, new characters will be added so that each user can customize it. Netflix has wanted to emphasize that it is not necessary to share the account to add users. If you use Netflix alone, you can create users based on your categories or devices. So you can have your series, movies or documentaries more organized.

Via: The Verge.